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 from 15:00-16:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).


  • (15 mins) Developer Stand Up - Developers give brief updates on their effort (or their team's effort).

    • Update/see "Current Work" section below based on your status. Please feel free to update prior to meeting.
    • Please highlight any new work (needing reviews/testing), any blockers (for you), and any discussion topics you may have.
  • (30 mins) General Discussion Topics
    1. Comments in Integration Tests.  Do we want to require them? If so, is it Class level, method level, etc.
    2. (Brief check-in) Next deadline for DSpace 7 Preview Release (Tentative for Early March).  How do we feel about this schedule?  Do we need to rethink timelines?
    3. Solr upgrade effort.  When to merge?
  • (15 mins) Planning for next week


Current Work

Legend for status icons

(error) = review done (this week), changes were requested.

(tick) = review done, approved.

(warning) = review done, merge conflict or other minor changes requests

Tickets / PRs In Progress

  1. (error) (Angular) Submission implementation:  (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)) (Updates requested & fails manual testing)
  2. (Angular) Administrative Item Edit (Art Lowel (Atmire) ) (work in progress) (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 21)
  3. (Angular) Browse by date pages (Art Lowel (Atmire) ) (work in progress)  (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 21)
  4. (Angular) Context sensitive admin menus (Art Lowel (Atmire) ) (work in progress)  (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 28)
  5. (Angular) Adding Accessibility via Travis CI (work in progress) (Lower priority)
  6. (error) (REST Contract) Edit Homepage news: (Ben Bosman) (Updates requested from Tim & Andrea) (Lower priority(Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 28)
  7. (REST) Workflow Endpoint: (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - EARLY Reviews Needed. Reviewers:  Tim Donohue , Ben Bosman Hibernate issues with integration tests.) (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 21)
  8. (REST) MyDSpace Endpoint (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - EARLY Reviews Needed. Reviewers: Ben BosmanTim Donohue  (IT missings) on the 4Science repo against the 2312 PR (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 28 )
  9. (error) (REST) Updating Owning Collections: (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire)  - changes requested. Implementation doesn't align with contract) (Timeline: Should be ready a week after the entities are merged)
  10. (error) (REST) Item Mapper: (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire)  - changes requested. Implementation doesn't align with contract) (Timeline: Should be ready a week after the entities are merged)
  11. (Backend) One Webapp Backend - Initial PR: (Tim Donohue ) (work in progress)

PRs Needing Review

  1. (REST Contract) Mapping Collection (UPDATED) (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - approved, Ben Bosman - NEEDS re-review)
  2. (warning) (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - Reviewed & added questions/feedback,  Tim Donohue - Reviewed & added questions/feedback)
  3. (warning) (REST Contract) Endpoint for EPerson profile PATCH requests: (UPDATED PR - Andrea Bollini (4Science) minor changes requested, Paulo Graça )
  4. (tick) (REST) Manage Metadata Registry: (Paulo Graça - had questions, Tim Donohue - approved, Andrea Bollini (4Science) - approved)
  5. (tick) (REST) Metadata as a Map: (Approved / ready to be merged, but related to next PR #347)
  6. (attenzione)(Angular) Metadata as a Map: (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)minor changes requested. Paulo Graça )
  7. (warning)  (Angular) Modifying Metadata Registries: (Paulo Graça, this PR achieves the expected result but also presents some Usability issues. Tim Donohue )
  8. (Angular) Browse-By links in NavBar & Pages: (Paulo GraçaTim Donohue)
  9. (Backend) Upgrading Solr Server for DSpace - Initial PR: (NEW PR - Terrence W Brady , Kim Shepherd , Art Lowel (Atmire))
    1. Might have an impact on MyDSpace PR (See "In Progress" section)?

PRs Merged this week!

  1. (tick) (REST Contract) Enhance description of search endpoints
  2. (tick) (REST) Bug in Error Handling (caused by OpenSearchController):
  3. (tick) (REST) Item CRUD:
  4. (tick) (Angular) Create/Edit for Communities & Collections:
  5.  (Angular) Delete Communities & Collections:


  1. (REST) Item Mapper functionality:
    1. Blocked by Contract #52
  2. (REST) EPerson profile PATCH functionality :
    1. Blocked by Contract #49
  3. (Angular) Move Item Component:
    1. Blocked by DSpace PR#2283
  4. (Angular) Item-Collection Mapper:
    1. Blocked by Contract #52
    2. Blocked by DSpace PR#2282

Delayed / Needs Discussion

  1. (REST) Scripts & Processes endpoint:
  2. Discussion of deletion of EPeople for GDPR compliance (from Pascal)
    1. NOTE: item.getSubmitter() will return null if EPerson deleted.


  • Discussed code comments in tests.
    • Decided that code comments are just highly recommended in tests. They are not required, as sometimes tests are self explanatory (and in Angular code, all tests must "describe" themselves in human terms anyways).  When adding comments, they need not be JavaDocs (or TypeDocs), even inline comments are fine.  Be aware that code reviewers can request code comments for tests. So, if you want a quick review, you may want to add comments.
    • Also noted that PRs that involve bug fixes should provide tests to prove the bug is fixed
    • UPDATE: Tim updated the "PR Creation / Code Review Process" section of our Processes document with these notes:
  • Discussed Release timelines
    • Should we do a Preview release?  That's more of a question for Steering.
    • Major outstanding features:
      • Submission and Workflow - Highest priority to complete.  Most of the code already exists in PR form (but has integration tests that need to still be created), so it can get early reviews (see above).
        • 4Science feels all the PRs (for both REST and Angular) should be completed by end of Feb.
        • Code reviews / testing may still take a few weeks, so they should be merged by early to mid March.
      • Entities - Second highest priority. Most of the code already on the "configurable_entities" branches (this branch exists in REST Contract repo, REST repo and Angular repo).  It is immediately reviewable there.
        • All this code has received reviews from the DSpace 7 Entities Working Group.  However, we want to give the DSpace 7 team and general Committers time to review it as well, since there are major changes here.
        • Tim will let Committers know this code could use immediate attention.  However, members of the DSpace 7 team should prioritize Submission & Workflow over reviewing Entities – we will ensure this team has time to review Entities as well.
          • We should also make sure to also separate out "suggestions for improvement" or bugs (which can be logged and fixed later) versus actual "blockers" (which need to be fixed more immediately).  We hope that there's more of the former than the latter.
        • Timeline is less nailed down.  Work on the "configurable_entities" branch is not yet complete (but close).  PRs to master do not yet exist.  Once PRs exist, we'll want to allow for a minimum of two weeks for review (exact timeline TBD though).
  • Other discussion items were moved to next week.  
    • Discussion on PR#355 (around usability issues) should move to the PR itself.  Art recommends we merge the PR and consider logging the usability issues as a known bug.  The way in which the (upcoming) Admin Edit functionality works also could provide a better option for the future.  We may want to consider a future PR to make this work more like the (upcoming) Admin Edit functionality.  Art will provide more info once Admin Edit PR exists (likely before next meeting).
  • Assigned PRs for review (see above).
  • Next meeting's notes page already created at 2019-02-21 DSpace 7 Working Group Meeting