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Date & Location

 at 16:00 UTC (11:00am EST)


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:  (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040)

Additional connection information at: DSpace Meeting Room


Actual attendee list will be updated after meeting.


15minsQuick reminder of DSpace 7 release schedule/goals

Just a reminder of our goals. We'd want to see an Entities PR to "master" by late Dec / early January to stay on target.

  • Late January / Early February: 7.0 "Preview" release (not feature complete, but should include an early version of Configurable Entities)
  • By late April: 7.0 "Beta" release (first feature complete release)
  • By late May (prior to OR2019): 7.0 "Final" release

All dates are goals/estimates. For later dates to make sense, we need to meet the first goal.

220minsFeedback/updates on the Entities Pull Requests

Feedback on the Angular UI PR? Any other testers/approvers?

Follow-up Entities PRs for additional REST API functionality / improvements:

Volunteer Reviewers (additional reviewers are encouraged/welcome!)


"Author Profiles" Use Case vs Initial Implementation

(Continued Discussion) In Nov 20 meeting, we began discussing how the initial Author Profiles implementation currently aligns or does not align with the "Author Profiles" use case as described:

During the Discussion on Nov 20, we began to realize that some of these features may be better implemented if we wait for hierarchical metadata (in DSpace 8).

  • Which features can be reasonably implemented in DSpace 7?
  • Which features are better implemented as hierarchical metadata (e.g. in DSpace 8)?
45minsWrap-up and Next Meeting Reminder

Any topics of concentration for our next meeting?

  • Next Meeting: Tues, December 18 at 16:00 UTC
  • The Dec 18 meeting WILL BE THE FINAL MEETING OF 2018.


All meetings will be recorded. Recordings and brief/summary notes will appear here after the meeting

  • Reminder of our target dates. See agenda item #1 above
  • PR updates/feedback
  • Tim Donohue TODO: Resync: Need to update "configurable_entities" branch with latest "master".
  • Other Entities tickets still open.  Work started within Atmire, but no PR yet.

  • Author Profiles discussion

    • Went over "Discussion Points" on the last two pages of Google Doc:
    • Mixing plain text, entities, and Authority Control for a metadata field (eg. author)
      • No real objections. Would like to see how this works in code/practice. Unsure how this affects the code
      • As noted by Lieven, some possible analysis of how it'd work for Submission UI is necessary, once the Angular Submission PR is done.
    • Additional data for relations (to support name variants, and similar)
      • Lieven went over two options for adding metadata/data on relationships
      • Tim questioned whether we actually need to have metadata on relationships.  Why not keep metadata on individual Entities and use Virtual Metadata?  For example, use Virtual Metadata for name variants
        • While this works for many relationships, there are performance concerns for large amounts of virtual metadata
        • E.g. if you have hundreds of articles with different name variants, would performance suffer if you pull in virtual metadata from all articles.
        • Tim notes that we could use Solr to improve performance instead of storing metadata on the relationship.
      • DECISION: After a lot of discussion, the four of us (Lieven, Tim, Mark & Paulo) felt that we may want to delay any decision on name variants until after the Preview Release.
        • After Preview Release, we can have a more focused discussion on how Name Variants (and similar) can be implemented simply into DSpace 7.
        • We don't want to over engineer this, and a simple solution for DSpace 7 may be best.

Action Items

Any assigned actions will appear here, along with details of who they are assigned to.

  • Tim Donohuewill resync "configurable_entities" branch with latest "master"

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