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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)


Location: DSpace Meeting Room


  • DSpace 7 Planning discussion
  • Angular UI Team updates (via Art)
    • Angular 5 upgrade:  Reviewed & approved by William Welling.

      • ACTION (Tim and Patrick): Test code so we can get this merged

    • Angular 5's Transfer State API:  Also reviewed/approved by William
      • ACTION (Anyone): Quick code review and then merge
    • Art also updated the Angular 5 Rxjs ticket with more examples:
    • Giuseppe described the issues he was seeing in two tickets (See also last week's meeting notes).  Art is looking at both
    • Art will be working on hooking the Search UI up to the Search REST Endpoint
        • Andrea is waiting on this work, as it will be useful for the UI of the MyDSpace page (which will be search oriented)
        • Andrea also looking for feedback on the Search REST contract. Are there any updates needed?
        • Art notes he feels he'll have an early PR in next few weeks. Not sure if ready by next week though
        • ACTION (Tim): Tim to add this to next week's agenda as a reminder to touch back in.
        • ACTION (Art): Art will work on this in coming weeks and report back if he discovers changes in contract are necessary.
    • Lotte is still working on search page truncation. Currently writing tests to ensure coverage doesn't drop.  PR should be coming soon.
    • Giuseppe is working on UI level authentication by password.  Just beginning