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Agenda/ Notes


  • Meeting recorded session: 
  • Some of the outlines during this meeting:
    • The presented slides and data model were only focus on one specific use case - a CRIS system. DSpace has other Use Cases that also should be considered.
      • Pascal: There are some particularities in Institutional Repositories, like local fields
    • Lieven: We should have a configurable solution, one that could extend entities, relationships and fields
    • Andrea: The datamodel flexibility is a must have. We need other Use Cases.
    • Tim: we should have in default DSpace Data Model People and perhaps Organization Entities. And the model could be extended to have Project and Funding for a CRIS setup. We should think if they should be out-of-the-box extensions.
    • Lieven: each entity can have fixed and extended properties. What do we want as part of the DSpace Core and how to configure it?
    • José: Refers the example of Drupal as a software that can be extended without the developers having to make changes to the Core.
    • Tim: agrees that the future DSpace will have a base Core and each use case can set as a Distribution
    • Lieven: How do we do it? How far can we go in terms of configurations? How do we build relationships and how they are expressed? How the system deals with it?
    • Tim: How do we create relationships in the actual core datamodel? Is there a way to extend the model without having to extend the Core? People and Organizations on Core DSpace.
    • Lieven: People and Organizations, how? Should we prototype and make some tests along the course, like scalability.
    • Tim: Firstly we should do a technical analysis, using diagrams and documents.
  • Paulo Graça is responsible for appointing our next meeting and to create a base document for the technical analysis.

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