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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • Art emailed saying he's out sick. Tom Desair is also out sick. Art forwarded updates to Tim via email (see below)
  • General updates (from Tim)
    • Outreach team meeting. No meeting this week. Next meeting in Jan
    • Entities Group meeting. Next meeting in Jan. If interested in attending, please answer this Doodle poll:
    • DCAT met and talked about / approved DOI field standardization in DSpace 7:  DS-3708 - Getting issue details... STATUS    Work is looking for a volunteer, but may fall to a Committer who is interested in chipping in.
  • Angular UI Team updates (via Art)
    • Jonas’ Grid View PR is, still open and passing all checks. If someone reviews and approves of it, feel free to merge it:
    • Lotte has made a little progress on truncation, but has still spent most of her week working on other projects, so no PR yet.
    • I’ve made some progress on the POST support, we discussed last time about how to refactor the request store, using hashes or UUIDs. I went with UUIDs, for the sake of performance, and refactored the request store to work with them, and created an index to find the UUID of get request based on their URL. Still to do: keep POST responses out of the response cache, and write tests. A WIP branch can be found here:
      • Andrea Bollini (4Science) notes that 4Science has implemented POST requests (and DELETE and PATCH) in the in-progress Submission UI efforts
      • ACTION: Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) will create a ticket in 'dspace-angular' around supporting new request types, and link Art Lowel (Atmire) to the in-progress code.  That way we can ensure these two efforts are synchronized and can be merged together.
  • OR2018 Proposals in draft form:
    • Tim has updated/enhanced the Workshop proposals with the details required for submission.  Andrea & Art should review these updates
    • Tim will also add in a proposal for the DSpace 7 Update talk prior to leaving for holiday. Will likely submit this talk in early January upon returning
    • Tim also volunteered to support both workshops, if needed. Willing to be a second person / give an intro talk (as needed), and generally help however needed.
    • ACTION: Submit all of these proposals.  Andrea Bollini (4Science) and Art Lowel (Atmire) can feel free to submit proposal before holidays, as they see fit (Submitted proposals can be updated prior to the deadline).  Tim Donohue will submit the Talk proposal in early January, and will check in after holidays to submit anything that has not yet been submitted.
  • REST API Updates (from Andrea)
    • Merged PRs

    • In Discussion / nearly ready to merge:
    • More discussion needed:
      • Tim added some feedback this week
      • Andrea notes he's still not sure that this endpoint needs to support general user requests.  General users (non-admins) can receive an access-aware list of items/bitstreams via the existing Browse/Search endpoints.  Do we need another endpoint that supports this same concept? Or can we use the existing Browse/Search endpoints to allow general users to find items accessible to them?   However, that said, administrative users may need to be able to get a full list of all items in the system (for various admin tasks).  Could we simply limit access this access to Admins?
      • Tim sees the point. Will add more comments to the PR to summarize and see if there are use cases we are missing in this discussion.
    • Work-in-progress PR could use early feedback (especially a code review).  Andrea worries this will only get bigger.  Currently Integration tests are missing, but will be built out in near future to "prove" out the code


      • Discussion of how best to get this merged / moved along ASAP
      • Best to get this existing functional "finalized" by the end of the year (with integration tests) or early January. Keep any other features for future PRs. Let's get this one cleaned up, add integration tests, and get merged.
      • ACTION: In first January meeting, we will do an in depth look of this PR, and merge it in the first week or two we are back.
      • ACTION: Mark H. Wood will also start to review the documentation at Configuration changes in the submission process , and provide feedback from the point of view of a new set of eyes.  These configuration changes drive all the new submission functionality in the PR.
    • Needs to be merged soon:
  • Schedule for rest of year.
    • Tim is on vacation/holiday from Dec 18 - Jan 2. Returns on Jan 3.
    • No more meetings in 2017. Next meeting will be Thurs, Jan 11.
  • Demo of Submission UI functionality (from Giuseppe Digilio (4Science))
    • Giuseppe gave us a live demo (via screen sharing) of the latest Submission UI code.
    • Functionality is looking GREAT!  Tim and Mark both impressed
    • There are a few submission panel types that are missing (CC Licensing, Access control panel, etc).  However, we recommend submitting a PR soon with the existing functionality, and leave those other panel types for future PRs.
    • ACTION: Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) will create an early PR of this work before the end of the year. It likely will not include unit tests (those will come in January). But, it will provide an opportunity for others to review and test the current work.
    • ACTION: When we return in January, we will make it a priority to get this work (and the backend work, see PR 1889 above) stabilized and merged ASAP  (future panels and/or enhancements can come in future PRs).  It'd be great to be able to do a video demo of this functionality for our community in late January or early February, if possible.
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, Jan 11 at 15:00UTC via Google Hangouts