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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • Angular UI Atmire Updates (from Art): Atmire been busy with other projects. Not much DSpace 7 work over last week

  • Travis build fixes have been merged
  • Alex's PR looks good. Minor feedback pending & then OK to merge
  • Art has updated the Search mockups to display the filters under the searchbox: Search Mockup#Selectingfilters
  • Art's PR for ngrx upgrade is still pending review:
    • Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) will try to review tomorrow
    • If still open early next week, ping Tim and he'll do a quick build & review so we can get this merged ASAP
  • Revisiting last week's discussion about making better use of HAL format in Angular UI, see
    • Art has analyzed and agrees with Andrea's suggestion
    • Goal will be to store the link id/name in our DataService (ngrxStore).  Link id/name is the name listed here (e.g. "collections" is the name of the link to the collections endpoint):
    • Angular UI will only make assumptions based on link names/ids (and not based on URLs).  It will then proceed to grab the link URL (href) from the REST API (via HAL format). 
      • This provides flexibility in the REST API layer (allows links to change URL structure, as long as name/id does not)
      • Also potentially helps support plugins/addons and/or configuration. If a plugin/addon/configuration enables or disables an endpoint, the Angular UI can respond accordingly to either display or hide the component associated with that endpoint.
    • NOTE: This same concept needs to occur at all levels of requests (not just the homepage/top level endpoints).  That was part of the reason behind the ticket:
  • REST API Updates
    • Updates to the Submission wizard mockups are coming from 4Science
      • Mockup of upload panel
      • Mockup of license panel / CC License
      • Mockup of deduplication functionality
    • Andrea notes the Font/header/footer on our demo are a bit big on small devices. May need to look into fixing so they don't take up too much space
      • Ideal is to remain close to base Bootstrap (for easy theming), but team not against minor tweaks in this area
    • Submission implementation has begin
      • Updates to REST contract will be posted as a PR in the next week (hopefully):
      • Actual early code REST API implementation is in progress. PR will be forthcoming, unsure though if it will be in the next week.
  • DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group discussed the Search Mockup at their meeting yesterday
  • Next week Andrea will be at the DSpace Germany User Group. Will report back
  • Next meeting on Sept 21 at 15UTC via Google Hangouts