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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.



  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • Next meeting October 11, 2017

Catch-up, Announcements




Discussion: UI examples of inspirational design and functionality



Catch-up, Announcements

  • We welcome Tim Donohue and Andrea Bollini from the DSpace 7 tech team who provided us with a greater understanding of design decisions and development process along with a status update.
    • Jose gave an overview of what this group has been working on including a review of use cases and requirements Use Cases , a collection of inspirational UI elements for reference, and external communications/messages.
    • Key discussions have been around the collection of use cases: functionality, field, title, primary actor, scope, or level, description of action
    • For each new use case, specific tag created, analysis needed


  • Tim provided an overview of technical progress and process:
  • The DSpace 7 tech team meets weekly
    • They review and discuss mock-ups of key features and functionality (here): DSpace 7 UI Mockups
    • Aim is to make DSpsce 7  UI backwards compatible–config files will still be usable
    • Group agrees that collaborative development (with tech team) of a communication for the community at-large articulating features/functions of what will be included in DSpace 7 is needed
    • Users are working with many different versions of DSpace so its not enough to say that functionality from the 2 UIs will be included in the single UI, and developers are still working toward that goal.
    • This group will review current mock-ups at future meetings to provide timely feedback for developers.
    • If issues, questions from developers Tim or other will take notes, and ask for additional specific feedback
    • What this group thinks is very useful/needed for DSpace, Tim will remind developers of this resource
  • DCAT has created a spreadsheet of functionality

Action Items

1Condensed version of The DSpace 7 Project–A Simple Summary
2Add links to current DSpace 7 use cases from make or break features wiki page
3Continue to add examples/comments to UI examples of inspirational design and functionalityAll
4Reach out to tech team and call attention to examples and comments on make or break wiki page
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