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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.







  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • Next meeting Feb 22: 12:00 PM ET; UTC 17:00, on

Discussion items


Catch-up, Announcements


Review new resources:

Short repository implementors survey update

(editable link - )

Review use cases related to browse and search

Currently, the following use cases describe the search and browse functionalities of DSpace.

Latest news ideas (tabled)Carol Minton Morris


Catch-up, Announcements

Review new resources

  • DSpace 7 related list of email lists
  • Limited to English only?
    • No, but requires volunteers to translate messages into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and other languages
    • Jose offers to reach out to repo managers in Portugal, currently creates summary statement in Portuguese
    • Do not have a DSpace list in Portugal but a strong repo manager community
    • Can also translate for Brazil and reach out there 
  • Review of communications process
    • Outreach group develops message/communication
    • Those who sign up next to a list on DSpace 7 related list of email lists translate message/communication into appropriate language; a name should be included with each list
    • Send the message through lists or through individual emails
    • Add your initials and date to DSpace 7 related list of email lists in last column to indicate that it was sent
    • This works if group takes individual responsibility for distributing messages/communications
    • Develop message to community regarding attendance at indicated meetings/conferences
    • Wouter attending OAI10 and will give a DSpace workshop the day before–some DSpace 7 info
    • Maureen attending CNI—30 minute preso, April 3-4; Carol to reach out to Maureen
    • Jose attending IDCC
    • Add OA week as target for a presentation; by October will have more to show
    • Also a meeting in Brazil; Jose to share information about this

Short repository implementors survey update

  • To be effective would have to be in multiple languages
  • Aim is to provide an overview of the use of repos with DSpace, may influence or justify why there are certain functionalities in DSpace 7
  • Key questions are 1, 3, 4
  • Wondering about the timeline for the survey and how/if we can use it to influence current development objectives?
  • Current roadmap specifies overall major improvements; question of which functionalities you prefer
  • No capacity to get new features based on this data into the scope for DSpace 7 alpha release
  • Management of community expectations is a consideration
  • First question—what types of DSpace repos do we have?
    • Carol to distribute 2014 DSpace Vision Survey (note: this page also includes information on all previous community surveys) to this group
    • Some answers about type of repositories available from this survey
  • Perhaps devising an ongoing line of communication/method for all future technical development where community can provide continuous updates/feedback–registry, other system, regular surveys–would be a useful task for this group?
  • Discussion tabled for next meeting 

Review use cases related to browse and search

  • Important to have a clear goal for use case review
  • Urgent that approved use cases be cleared for implementation
  • Need consensus by the end of the month on the use cases listed here
    • 1—marked approved by outreach group
    • 2—comments: be mindful of permissions, this is seen as a basic behavioral requirement; many users are accustomed to filters on the side, not on top. Noted that this is solved later on in use cases; recently 2 institutions asked to have advanced search functionality made clearer from homepage—advanced search is too hard to get to; this use case does not cover visualization of search results—search snippets or not?? Different views on this; wherever you list items is a single rendering style is helpful or different renderings on different pages?
  • Because we ran out of time and this review is critical, the group will meet again next week Feb 22: 12:00 PM ET; UTC 17:00 to complete the review.

Action Items

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