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Covering the use of the request-a-copy feature which allows users to request bitstreams which are under embargo. This information does not cover how to activate or de-activate the feature.

Use Case

The repository manager wants to be able to advise their depositors on the existence of the feature, that they should be prepared to receive requests. 


Repository managers, anonymous users, submitters

Feature description

If the file(s) (ie bitstreams) in a deposit are under embargo, they will not be available for users to download directly. However, users can send the depositor a request for the file(s) through DSpace, by double-clicking on a filename hyperlink and completing the form. DSpace sends the details of the request to the depositor by email. The depositor is offered the option to agree or decline to the request. If the depositor then uses the link in the email and the form it opens in DSpace to transmit their agreement to the request, the system will attempt to email the file(s) to the user. 

Known limitation

Of course some files are too large for many email servers to cope with. For example files over 150 MB have been impossible for some systems to send. 

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