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DEPRECATED - Not recommended to use

The old "embargo-lifter" command is no longer necessary to run. All Embargoes in DSpace are now stored on ResourcePolicies and are lifted automatically after the lift date passed. See Embargo documentation for more information.

Continuing to run the "embargo-lifter" is not recommended and this feature will be removed entirely in a future DSpace release.

If you have implemented the pre DSpace 3.0 Embargo feature, you will need to run it periodically to check for Items with expired embargoes and lift them.

Command used:

[dspace]/bin/dspace embargo-lifter

Java class:


Arguments short and (long) forms):


-c or --check

ONLY check the state of embargoed Items, do NOT lift any embargoes

-i or --identifier

Process ONLY this handle identifier(s), which must be an Item. Can be repeated.

-l or --lift

Only lift embargoes, do NOT check the state of any embargoed items.

-n or --dryrun

Do no change anything in the data model, print message instead.

-v or --verbose

Print a line describing the action taken for each embargoed item found.

-q or --quiet

No output except upon error.

-h or --help

Display brief help screen.

You must run the Embargo Lifter task periodically to check for items with expired embargoes and lift them from being embargoed. For example, to check the status, at the CLI:

[dspace]/bin/dspace embargo-lifter -c

To lift the actual embargoes on those items that meet the time criteria, at the CLI:

[dspace]/bin/dspace embargo-lifter -l
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