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Move an item

Step 1: Login using your credentials


Step 2: Go to the item you want to edit

Users can reach an item through multiple methods, as listed below:

  1. Search an item
  2. Browse communities and collections
  3. Finding an item in the Administration section at Edit > Item

Click on the “Edit” button appearing on the right-hand side of the item title.



Step 3: Click on the “Status” tab and click the “Move” button.



Step 4: Understanding the Move item page

 The field for entering the collection name: Enter the target collection name to move the item or select the collection from the drop-down list, as demonstrated in the following step.

  1. Inherit policies: Click on this check box to update the item’s policies according to the collection’s policies.
  2. Move: Click the “Move” button to complete the operation.
  3. Cancel: Click the “Cancel” button to cancel the operation.



Step 5: Click on the Collection name and type the target collection name to move the item or scroll the collection list to identify the appropriate collection.


Step 6: Click on the “Move” button after selecting the target collection.


Step 7: The item will move to the target collection upon completing the operation.


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