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Target Audience

Content Submitters

Community Administrators

System Administrators

Process Overview

As the name suggests, the Permanently Delete option is exercised when the authorized user(s) wants to permanently delete any item (Metadata + bitstreams) from the repository.

Apart from permanently deleting an item, options like “Withdraw item from repository” and “Make item Private” can temporarily help disable the content access.

Item Delete Process

Step 1: Login using your credentials

Step 2: Go to the target Item using a convenient method i.e.

  1. Using search & filters options
  2. Browsing through Communities & Collections
  3. Browsing using Metadata elements listed under the Browse menu


Step 3: Click on the “Edit” button as highlighted on the screen below. This button will appear to the user having edit rights on the target item.

Step 4: Click the “Permanently Delete” Button to delete the item.

Step 5: Click on the Delete button on the confirmation screen. Should you want to continue with deletion, click on cancel to cancel the Permanent deletion of the item from DSpace.

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