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Browse By Subject Category

You can find the link to this page by hovering over the "All of DSpace" menu option. On the page, you are presented with the values of the "srsc" vocabulary in a hierarchical tree structure. You can open/close different "branches" of the tree and you can select/deselect values you wish to search on.

You can search for specific values by using the search bar on top of the tree and clicking "Search". Clicking "Reset" will not only reset the tree itself, but also the values you previously selected.

After you're done (de)selecting values, click "Browse". This will redirect you to the search page, where your selected values are used as search filters:

  • If one value was selected, the search results will consist of every item which has that value in their dc.subject metadata field.
  • If multiple values were selected, the search results will consist of the items which have all of the values in their dc.subject metadata field. (E.g. if you selected TECHNOLOGY and MEDICINE, only items with both subjects will show up.)

To configure Browse by Subject Category options, see "Hierarchical Browse Indexes" in the Configuration Reference.

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