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This documentation covers the latest release of DSpace, version 6.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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Date parser tester

Some parts of DSpace use a custom date/time parser (org.dspace.util.MultiFormatDateParser) which is driven by a table of regular expressions, so it can match any of a variety of formats.  The table is found in config/spring/api/discovery-solr.xml.  To test new and altered rules, you can use the DSpace command line tool's validate-date command.  You can simply pass it a date/time string on the command line (dspace validate-date 01-01-2015).  You can pipe a stream of strings to be validated, one per line (dspace validate-date <  Or you can have it prompt you for each string to be tested (dspace validate-date).

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  1. Potential additions:

    • [dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun
    • [dspace]/bin/dspace dsprop
    • [dspace]/bin/dspace database
    • [dspace]/bin/dspace read
    • XSLT transformers (e.g. [dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun org.dspace.content.crosswalk.XSLTDisseminationCrosswalk <plugin name> <handle> <output-file>)