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This documentation covers the latest release of DSpace, version 6.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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Changes in DSpace 1.1.1

Bug fixes in 1.1.1

  • non-administrators can now submit again
  • installations now preserve file creation dates, eliminating confusion with upgrades
  • authorization editing pages no longer create null entries in database, and no longer handles them poorly (no longer gives blank page instead of displaying policies.)
  • registration page Invalid token error page now displayed when an invalid token is received (as opposed to internal server error.) Fixes SF bug #739999
  • eperson admin 'recent submission' links fixed for DSpaces deployed somewhere other than at / (e.g. /dspace).
  • help pages Link to help pages now includes servlet context (e.g. '/dspace'). Fixes SF bug #738399.

Improvements in 1.1.1

  • bin/ now checks jsp and asset store files for zero-length files
  • make-release-package now works with SourceForge CVS
  • eperson editor now doesn't display the spurious text 'null'
  • item exporter now uses Jakarta's cli command line arg parser (much cleaner)
  • item importer improvements:
    • now uses Jakarta's cli command line arg parser (much cleaner)
    • imported items can now be routed through a workflow
    • more validation and error messages before import
    • can now use email addresses and handles instead of just database IDs
    • can import an item to a collection with the workflow suppressed

Changes in DSpace 1.1

  • Fixed various OAI-related bugs; DSpace's OAI support should now be correct. Note that harvesting is now based on the new Item 'last modified' date (as opposed to the Dublin Core date.available date.)
  • Fixed Handle support--DSpace now responds to naming authority requests correctly.
  • Multiple bitstream stores can now be specified; this allows DSpace storage to span several disks, and so there is no longer a hard limit on storage.
  • Search improvements:
    • New fielded searching UI
    • Search results are now paged
    • Abstracts are indexed
    • Better use of Lucene API; should stop the number of open file handles getting large
  • Submission UI improvements:
    • now insists on a title being specified
    • fixed navigation on file upload page
    • citation & identifier fields for previously published submissions now fixed
  • Many Unicode fixes to the database and Web user interface
  • Collections can now be deleted
  • Bitstream descriptions (if available) displayed on item display page
  • Modified a couple of servlets to handle invalid parameters better (i.e. to report a suitable error message instead of an internal server error)
  • Item templates now work
  • Fixed registration token expiration problem (they no longer expire.)
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