Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of DSpace, version 6.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

Support for DSpace 6 ended on July 1, 2023.  See Support for DSpace 5 and 6 is ending in 2023

Ant targets should be run as the service user

A word of warning: in order to ensure proper permissions and file ownership are maintained, you are advised to run these ant targets as the service user (commonly 'dspace' or 'tomcat'). This is a change for DSpace 5.0. Running them as any other user is likely to cause problems, especially with the new Solr index maintenance targets.


DSpace allows three property values to be set using the -D<property>=<value> option.  They may be used in other contexts than noted below, but take care to understand how a particular property will affect a target's outcome.


Whether to overwrite configuration files in [dspace]/config.  If true, files from [dspace]/config and subdirectories are backed up with .old extension and new files are installed from [dspace-src]/dspace/config and subdirectories; if false, existing config files are untouched, and new files are written beside them with .new extension.
Possible values:true, false
Context:update, init_configs


If a path is specified, ant uses values from the specified file and installs it in [dspace]/config in the appropriate contexts.
Possible values:path to configuration file to be used
Context:update, update_configs, update_code, update_webapps, init_configs, fresh_install, test_database, setup_database, load_registries, clean_database


If true, builds .war files; if false, no .war files are built.
Possible values:true, false
Context:update, update_webapps, fresh_install


updateCreates backup copies of the [dspace]/bin, /etc, /lib, and /webapps directories with the form /<directory>.bak-<date-time>.  Creates new copies of [dspace]/config, /etc, and /lib directories.  Does not affect data files or the database.  (See overwrite, config, war options.)
update_configsUpdates the [dspace]/config directory with new configuration files.  (See config option.)
update_geoliteDowload and install GeoCity database into [dspace]/config.
update_codeCreates backup copies of the [dspace]/bin, /etc, and /lib directories with the form /<directory>.bak-<date-time>. Creates new copies of [dspace]/config, /etc, and /lib directories.  (See config option.)

Updates [dspace]/webapps directory.  (See config, war options.)

update_solr_indexes Checks if any Solr indexes need upgrading (to latest Solr), and if so, upgrades them.
init_configsWrites configuration files to [dspace]/config.  (See overwrite, config options.)
install_codeDeletes existing [dspace]/bin, /lib, and /etc directories, and installs new copies; overwrites /solr application files, leaving data intact.  (See config option.)
fresh_installPerforms a fresh installation of the software, including the database and config.  (See config, war options.)
test_databaseTests database connection using parameters specified in dspace.cfg.  (See config option.)
setup_databaseCreates database tables.  Database schema must exist and relevant parameters specified in dspace.cfg.  (See config option.)
load_registriesLoads metadata and file format registries into the database.  (See config option.)
clean_backupsRemoves [dspace]/bin, /etc, /lib, and /webapps directories with .bak* extensions.
clean_databaseDrops all DSpace database tables, destroying all data.  (See config option.)
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