Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of DSpace, version 5.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

Support for DSpace 5 ended on January 1, 2023.  See Support for DSpace 5 and 6 is ending in 2023

The DSpace command launcher or CLI interface offers the execution of different maintenance operations. As most of these are already documented in related parts of the documentation, this page is mainly intended to provide an overview of all available CLI operations, with links to the appropriate documentation.

Executing command line operations

The CLI interface is found at [dspace]/bin/dspace.  Execute it without arguments or with the -h option to see all available operations.  Execute dspace op -h to see details about the op operation.


bin/dspace -h
bin/dspace cleanup -h
bin/dspace cleanup
bin/dspace cleanup --verbose

Available operations

General use

  • checker: Run the checksum checker
  • checker-emailer: Send emails related to the checksum checker
  • classpath: Calculate and display the DSpace classpath
  • cleanup: Remove deleted bitstreams from the assetstore
  • community-filiator: Tool to manage community and sub-community relationships
  • create-administrator: Create a DSpace administrator account
  • curate: Perform curation tasks on DSpace objects
  • database: Perform various tasks / checks of the DSpace database
  • doi-organiser: Transmit information about DOIs to the registration agency.
  • dsprop: View a DSpace property from dspace.cfg
  • dsrun: Run a class directly
  • embargo-lifter: Pre DSpace 3.0 embargo manager tool used to check, list and lift embargoes
  • export: Export items or collections
  • filter-media: Perform the media filtering to extract full text from documents and to create thumbnails
  • generate-sitemaps: Generate search engine and html sitemaps
  • harvest: Manage the OAI-PMH harvesting of external collections
  • import: Import items into DSpace
  • index-authority: Import of authorities and maintenance of the SOLR authority index
  • index-db-browse: General index command (requires extra parameters)
  • index-discovery: Update Discovery Solr Search Index
  • index-lucene-init: Initialise the search and browse indexes
  • index-lucene-update: Update the search and browse indexes
  • itemcounter: Update the item strength counts in the user interface
  • itemupdate: Item update tool for altering metadata and bitstream content in items
  • make-handle-config: Run the handle server simple setup command
  • metadata-export: Export metadata for batch editing
  • metadata-import: Import metadata after batch editing
  • migrate-embargo: Embargo manager tool used to migrate old version of Embargo to the new one included in dspace3
  • oai: OAI script manager
  • packager: Execute a packager
  • rdfizer: tool to convert contents to RDF
  • read : execute a stream of commands from a file or pipe
  • registry-loader: Load entries into a registry
  • setup-database: Create the database tables
  • structure-builder: Build DSpace community and collection structure
  • sub-daily: Send daily subscription notices
  • test-database: Test the DSpace database connection (Replaced by "database test" command.)
  • test-email: Test the DSpace email server settings are OK
  • update-handle-prefix: Update handle records and metadata when moving from one Handle prefix to another
  • user:  Create, List, Update, Delete EPerson (user) records
  • validate-date:  Test date-time format rules
  • version: Show DSpace version and other troubleshooting information

Legacy statistics

  • stat-general: Compile the general statistics
  • stat-initial: Compile the initial statistics
  • stat-monthly: Compile the monthly statistics
  • stat-report-general: Create the general statistics report
  • stat-report-initial: Create the initial statistics report
  • stat-report-monthly: Create the monthly statistics report

SOLR Statistics

Scripts for the statistics that are stored in SOLR, added in DSpace 1.6.

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