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This documentation relates to an old version of DSpace, version 5.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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Changes in DSpace 1.5.2

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Changes in DSpace 1.5.1

General Improvements and Bug Fixes in 1.5.1

(Scott Philips)

  • (Scott Phillips) Fixed bug where users could not finish registering nor reset
    their password because the authentication method signatures were changed.
  • Jay Paz (SF#1898241) Additional fixes to patch to enable reuse of methods.
  • Added the ability to manage sessions with site wide alerts to prevent users from authenticating.
  • Fixes a bug where the ability to edit an item durring workflow step 2 is not displayed.
  • Jay Paz (SF#1898241) Add item Export from jspui and xmlui.
  • Added easy support for google analytics statistics
  • Added the ability for super admins to login as other users.
  • Added an activity viewer to the Control Panel

(Mark Diggory)

  • Fix for SF Bug #2082236 Subscription notification (sub-daily) no emails sent
  • #2102580 William Hays: Duplicate Handle exception when replacing bitstreams
  • #2102617 Sands Fish: X509Authentication fails to assign appropriate specialgroups
  • (Sands Fish) Add "Select Primary Bitstream" functionality to submission workflow
  • Guard against Community/Collection metadata having only whitespace characters
    and eliminate cases where null pointer exceptions would be thrown
  • Improve DSIndexer logic in both branches to support removal of items from index
    when withdrawn from repository.
  • (Sands Fish) Provides fix for AuthenticationUtil where users ID's are not properly compared.
  • Fix NullPointerException cause by nullified Context object in LNI map item to new collection.
  • Block Basic Authentication "details" from being exposed in dspace logs.
  • (Bill Hays) Close InputStreamReaders explicitly to release any file handles back to OS.
  • correct linking on pages when xmlui is the ROOT webapplication
  • correct issue with sitemap redirection of mydspace uri.
  • Add serlet-api to overlay wars to reduce compile time errors when adding classes
  • Correct issues in feed generation
  • XMLUI Adjust Advanced Search to use search properties from dspace.cfg.
  • Correct bug in Body.toSAX where startElement is called instead of end element.
  • Correct issue with libraries being excluded from wars

(Claudia Juergen)

  • Fix for SF bug #2090761 Statistics wrong use of dspace.dir for log location
  • Fix for SF bug #2081930 xmlui hardcoded strings in
  • Fix for SF bug #2080319 jspui hardcoded strings in browse
  • Fix for SF bug #2078305 xmlui hardcoded strings used in UI in xmlui-api
  • Fix for SF bug #2078324 xmlui hardcoded strings used in UI in General-Handler.xsl
  • SF patch #2076066 Review in jspui submission non-dc metadata
  • SF Bug #1983859 added Foreign Lucene Analyzers to poms
  • SF Bug #1989916 - missing LDAP authentication key

(Stuart Lewis)

  • #1947036 Patch for SF Bug1896960 SWORD authentication and LDAP + 1989874 LDAPAuthentication
    pluggable method broken for current users
  • Added copying of registration email template to 1.4 to 1.5 upgrade instructions
  • Fix for SF bug #2055941 LDAP authentication fails for new users in SWORD and Manakin

(Zuki Ebetsu / Stuart Lewis)

  • #1990660 SWORD Service Document are malformed / Corrected Atom publishing MIME types

(Stuart Lewis / Claudia Juergen)

  • Updated installation and configuration documents for new statistics script, and removed references to Perl

(Tim Donohue)

  • Fix for SF bug #2095402 - Non-interactive Submission Steps don't work in JSPUI 1.5
  • Fix for SF bug #2013921 - Movement in Submission Workflow Causes Skipped Steps
  • Fix for SF bug #2015988 - Configurable Submission bug in SubmissionController
  • Fix for SF bug #2034372 - Resorting Search Results in JSPUI always gives no results
  • Updates to Community/Collection Item Counts (i.e. strengths) for XMLUI.
  • 1.5 upgrade instructions were missing Metadata Registry updates necessary to support SWORD.

(Graham Triggs)

  • Fix various problems with resources potentially not being freed, and other minor fixes suggested by FindBugs
  • Replace URLEncoder with StringEscapeUtils for better fix of escaping the hidden query field
  • Fix #2034372 - Resorting in JSPUI gives no results
  • Fix #1714851 - set eperson.subscription.onlynew in dspace.cfg to only include items that are new to the repository
  • Fix issue where the browse and search indexes will not be updated correctly if you move an Item
  • Fix problem with SWORD not accepting multiple concurrent submissions
  • Fix #1963060 Authors listed in reverse order
  • Fix #1970852 - XMLUI: Browse by Issue Date "Type in Year" doesn't work
  • Statistics viewer for XMLUI, based on existing DStat. Note that this generates
    the view from the analysis files (.dat), does not require HTML report generation.
  • Fixed incorrect downloading of bitstream on withdrawn item
  • Add JSPUI compatible log messages to XMLUI transformers
  • Clean up use of ThreadLocal
  • Improved cleanup of database resources when web
    application is unloaded
  • Fix bug #1931799 - duplicate "FROM metadatavalue&quot
  • Fixed Oracle bugs with ILIKE operators and LIMIT/OFFSET clauses

Changes in DSpace 1.5.0

General Improvements in 1.5.0

  • Highly configurable and theme-able new user interface (Manakin).
  • Apache Maven-based modular build system.
  • LNI (Lightweight Network Interface) service. Allows programmatic ingest of content via WebDAV or SOAP.
  • SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit): repository-standard ingest service using Atom Publishing Protocol.
  • Highly configurable item web submission system. All submission steps are configurable not just metadata pages.
  • Browse functionality allowing customisation of the available indexes via dspace.cfg and pluggable normalisation of the sort strings. Integration with both JSP-UI and XML-UI included.
  • Extensible content event notification service.
  • Generation of Google and HTML sitemaps

Bug fixes and smaller patches in 1.5.0

  • New options for ItemImporter to support bitstream permissions and descriptions.
  • 1824710 Fix - Change in Creative Commons RDF.
  • 1794700 Fix - Stat-monthly and stat-report-monthly
  • 1566820 Patch - Authentication code moved to new org.dspace.authenticate package, add IP AUth
  • 1670093 Patch - More stable metadata and schema registry import Option to generate community and collection "strength" as a batch job
  • 1659868 Patch - Improved database level debugging
  • 1620700 Patch - Add Community and Sub-Community to OAI Sets
  • 1679972 Fix - OAIDCCrosswalk NPE and invalid character fix, also invalid output prevented
  • 1549290 Fix - Suggest Features uses hard coded strings
  • 1727034 Fix - Method MetadataField.unique() is incorrect for null values
  • 1614546 Fix - Get rid of unused mets_bitstream_id column
  • 1450491 Patch - i18n configurable multilingualism support
  • 1764069 Patch - Replace "String" with "Integer" in PreparedStatement where needed
  • 1743188 Patch - for Request #1145499 - Move Items
  • 179196 Patch - Oracle SQL in Bitstream Checker
  • 1751638 Patch - Set http disposition header to force download of large bitstreams
  • 1799575 Patch - New EPersonConsumer event consumer
  • 1566572 Patch - Item metadata in XHTML head elements
  • 1589429 Patch - "Self-Named" Media Filters (i.e. MediaFilter Plugins) (updated version of this patch)
  • 1888652 Patch - Statistics Rewritten In Java
  • 1444364 Request - Metadata registry exporter
  • 1221957 Request - Admin browser for withdrawn items
  • 1740454 Fix - Concurrency
  • 1552760 Fix - Submit interface looks bad in Safari
  • 1642563 Patch - bin/update-handle-prefix rewritten in Java
  • 1724330 Fix - Removes "null" being displayed in community-home.jsp
  • 1763535 Patch - Alert DSpace administrator of new user registration
  • 1759438 Patch - Multilingualism Language Switch - DSpace Header
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