Unsupported Release

This documentation relates to DSpace 1.8.x, an old, unsupported version. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

As of January 2015, DSpace 1.8.x is no longer supported. We recommend upgrading to a more recent version of DSpace. See DSpace Software Support Policy.

In the notes below [dspace] refers to the install directory for your existing DSpace installation, and [dspace-1.3.x-source] to the source directory for DSpace 1.3.x. Whenever you see these path references, be sure to replace them with the actual path names on your local system.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Step one is, of course, to back up all your data before proceeding!! Include all of the contents of [dspace] and the PostgreSQL database in your backup.
  2. Get the new DSpace 1.3.x source code from the DSpace page on SourceForge and unpack it somewhere. Do not unpack it on top of your existing installation!!
  3. Copy the PostgreSQL driver JAR to the source tree. For example: cd [dspace]/libcp postgresql.jar [dspace-1.2.2-source]/lib
  4. Take down Tomcat (or whichever servlet container you're using).
  5. Remove the old version of xerces.jar from your installation, so it is not inadvertently later used:rm [dspace]/lib/xerces.jar
  6. Install the new config files by moving dstat.cfg and dstat.map from [dspace-1.3.x-source]/config/ to [dspace]/config
  7. You need to add new parameters to your [dspace]/dspace.cfg:
    ###### Statistical Report Configuration Settings ######
    # should the stats be publicly available?  should be set to false if
    	you only
    # want administrators to access the stats, or you do not intend to
    # any
    report.public = false
    # directory where live reports are stored
    report.dir = /dspace/reports/
  8. Build and install the updated DSpace 1.3.x code. Go to the [dspace-1.3.x-source] directory, and run:ant -Dconfig=[dspace]/config/dspace.cfg update
  9. You'll need to make some changes to the database schema in your PostgreSQL database. [dspace-1.3.x-source]/etc/database_schema_12-13.sql contains the SQL commands to achieve this. If you've modified the schema locally, you may need to check over this and make alterations. To apply the changes, go to the source directory, and run: psql -f etc/database_schema_12-13.sql [DSpace database name] -h localhost
  10. Customize the stat generating statistics as per the instructions in System Statistical Reports
  11. Initialize the statistics using: [dspace]/bin/stat-initial[dspace]/bin/stat-general[dspace]/bin/stat-report-initial[dspace]/bin/stat-report-general
  12. Rebuild the search indexes: [dspace]/bin/index-all
  13. Copy the .war Web application files in [dspace-1.3.x-source]/build to the webapps sub-directory of your servlet container (e.g. Tomcat). e.g.:cp [dspace-1.3.x-source]/build/*.war [tomcat]/webapps
  14. Restart Tomcat.
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