Unsupported Release

This documentation relates to DSpace 1.8.x, an old, unsupported version. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

As of January 2015, DSpace 1.8.x is no longer supported. We recommend upgrading to a more recent version of DSpace. See DSpace Software Support Policy.

In the notes below [dspace] refers to the install directory for your existing DSpace installation, and [dspace-1.2.1-source] to the source directory for DSpace 1.2.1. Whenever you see these path references, be sure to replace them with the actual path names on your local system.

Upgrade Steps

The changes in 1.2.1 are only code changes so the update should be fairly simple.

  1. Get the new DSpace 1.2.1 source code from the DSpace page on SourceForge and unpack it somewhere. Do not unpack it on top of your existing installation!!
  2. Copy the PostgreSQL driver JAR to the source tree. For example:
    cd  [dspace]/lib
    cp postgresql.jar  [dspace-1.2.1-source]/lib
  3. Take down Tomcat (or whichever servlet container you're using).
  4. Your 'localized' JSPs (those in jsp/local) now need to be maintained in the source directory. If you have locally modified JSPs in your [dspace]/jsp/local directory, you might like to merge the changes in the new 1.2.1 versions into your locally modified ones. You can use the diff command to compare the 1.2 and 1.2.1 versions to do this. Also see the version history for a list of modified JSPs.
  5. You need to add a few new parameters to your [dspace]/dspace.cfg for browse/search and item thumbnails display, and for configurable DC metadata fields to be indexed.
    # whether to display thumbnails on browse and search results pages
    webui.browse.thumbnail.show = false
    # max dimensions of the browse/search thumbs. Must be <=
    # and thumbnail.maxheight. Only need to be set if required to be
    	smaller than
    # dimension of thumbnails generated by mediafilter (1.2+)
    #webui.browse.thumbnail.maxheight = 80
    #webui.browse.thumbnail.maxwidth = 80
    # whether to display the thumb against each bitstream (1.2+)
    webui.item.thumbnail.show = true
    # where should clicking on a thumbnail from browse/search take the
    # Only values currently supported are "item" and
    #webui.browse.thumbnail.linkbehaviour = item
     ##### Fields to Index for Search #####
    # DC metadata elements.qualifiers to be indexed for search
    # format: - search.index.[number] = [search field]:element.qualifier
    #         - * used as wildcard
    ###      changing these will change your search results,     ###
    ###  but will NOT automatically change your search displays  ###
    search.index.1 = author:contributor.*
    search.index.2 = author:creator.*
    search.index.3 = title:title.*
    search.index.4 = keyword:subject.*
    search.index.5 = abstract:description.abstract
    search.index.6 = author:description.statementofresponsibility
    search.index.7 = series:relation.ispartofseries
    search.index.8 = abstract:description.tableofcontents
    search.index.9 = mime:format.mimetype
    search.index.10 = sponsor:description.sponsorship
    search.index.11 = id:identifier.*
  6. In [dspace-1.2.1-source] run:
    ant -Dconfig= [dspace]/config/dspace.cfg update
  7. Copy the .war Web application files in [dspace-1.2.1-source]/build to the webapps sub-directory of your servlet container (e.g. Tomcat). e.g.:
    cp  [dspace-1.2.1-source]/build/*.war
    If you're using Tomcat, you need to delete the directories corresponding to the old .war files. For example, if dspace.war is installed in [tomcat]/webapps/dspace.war, you should delete the [tomcat]/webapps/dspace directory. Otherwise, Tomcat will continue to use the old code in that directory.
  8. Restart Tomcat.
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