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Unsupported Release

This documentation relates to DSpace 1.8.x, an old, unsupported version. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

As of January 2015, DSpace 1.8.x is no longer supported. We recommend upgrading to a more recent version of DSpace. See DSpace Software Support Policy.

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DSpace operates on several levels: as a Tomcat servlet, cron jobs, and on-demand operations. This section explains many of the on-demand operations. Some of the command operations may be also set up as cron jobs. Many of these operations are performed at the Command Line Interface (CLI) also known as the Unix prompt ($:). Future reference will use the term CLI when the use needs to be at the command line.

Below is the "Command Help Table". This table explains what data is contained in the individual command/help tables in the sections that follow.

Command used:

The directory and where the command is to be found.

Java class:

The actual java program doing the work.


The required/mandatory or optional arguments available to the user.

DSpace Command Launcher

With DSpace Release 1.6, the many commands and scripts have been replaced with a simple [dspace]/bin/dspace <command> command. See Application Layer chapter for the details of the DSpace Command Launcher.

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