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Content Model Architecture (CMA) Forum

At the Open Repositories 2007 conference in San Antonio, TX, it was agreed that a library of disseminators for Fedora 2.x would be a Good Idea. In the event, this never quite happened, not least because Fedora 3 was announced and with it the new Fedora Content Model Architecture (CMA).

At Open Repositories 2009 in Atlanta, GA, the idea of a content model library was revisited and there was considerable enthusiasm for the idea. This wiki space is the result.

We invite you to add in here the content models, with their SDefs and SDeps that you are working with. It will help others if you can give some context to their use and explain simply why they are as they are.

This is also the area to debate the Content Model Architecture features that could be added to Fedora Commons services. All ideas are welcome. Please do not worry to much about classification into pages because we can move material around when there seems to be a consensus forming.

There is a mailing list around this CMA grouping. You can subscribe to it here

Please add a page to describe your content model and attach it to the page you added.

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