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Dear Friends,

As signs of spring start to appear in some parts of the world we are launching several new community-focused initiatives and activities due to get underway in the first half of the year. In-person and online events will highlight practical and applied use of our open source technologies:

  • February 28 David Wilcox will offer a one-hour webinar: “Getting Started with Fedora” (Read more here).
  • April 7-9 VIVO Camp will be held in San Diego prior to the DuraSpace Summit and the CNI Spring Member Meeting (Read more here)
  • March 28 Erin Tripp will offer a one-hour webinar “Open Source Repository Upgrades: Top Advice from Practitioners” (Read more here).
  • April 24 Terry Brady, Georgetown University Library, Applications Programmer Analyst, will offer a one-hour webinar "Making DSpace Your Own" (More information to come)
  • May 16-18 Fedora Camp NASA will be offered at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Read more here).
  • Erin Tripp and Mike Conlon have been working with Research Graph to design a pilot cloud-based VIVO hosted service program that will get underway later this spring (Read more here).

We look forward to seeing you at the DuraSpace Member Summit which will be held April 10-11 in San Diego prior to the CNI Spring Member Meeting. 

Warm regards,

Debra Hanken Kurtz


SUMMIT (Update please)

Our Annual Member Summit will take place April 10 and 11 in San Diego, California. Invitations have been sent to representatives of each member organization. If you received an invitation we ask you to kindly RSVP by March 12th. We encourage our Platinum and Gold members to send two representatives from their institution and invite our Silver and Bronze members to send one representative. If you wish to send someone in your place please RSVP "no" and you'll be prompted to enter the name and email of who you'd like us to invite in your place. Our two-day summit will include a presentation of the 2017-2018 DuraSpace Strategic Summary, highlighting key 2017 achievements and priorities for the year ahead including emerging projects, partnerships, and programs. Leaders of our community open source projects, DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO will give updates keeping members current on each project's status, accomplishments, and goals. A reception will follow the first day offering an opportunity to connect socially with DuraSpace staff and members over light refreshments. Day two will provide multiple opportunities for small and large group discussions to hear from you about how DuraSpace can help you achieve your key priorities. Each open source project will hold their own meeting as well, organized by Project Steering Groups, to discuss goals, objectives, and resources for 2018.

Prior to the Summit additional program details will be sent to attendees.  Please contact Kristi Searle if you have any questions.

SERVICES New DuraCloud Pricing for 20+ TB Subscriptions 

DuraSpace is pleased to announce new pricing for DuraCloud subscriptions of 20 or more terabytes. The new pricing structure passes on storage savings and offers greater flexibility and more predictable pricing for the long-term preservation storage of growing digital collections. DuraCloud will continue to offer the same cost-effective pricing for subscription plans under 20 TB, including Preservation subscriptions starting at 1 TB of storage for an annual cost under $2,000. 

View the New 20+ TB Pricing (PDF)

Duracloud Subscription Plans (under 20TB)

Request a Quote

DuraCloud is an open, hosted service from DuraSpace that makes it easy to control where and how your organization preserves content in the cloud. DuraCloud enables one-click preservation backup to one or more expert cloud storage providers like Amazon Web Services and the TRAC-certified Chronopolis network, while adding lightweight features that enable digital preservation, data access, and data sharing.

ArchivesDirectDSpaceDirect, and DuraCloud services from DuraSpace are built on solid open source software platforms and require very little effort to start up. DuraSpace staff experts work directly with service customers to provide personalized on-boarding processes and superb customer support. Our services can provide open access to institutional resources, preservation of treasured collections, and simplified data management tools. Contact Heather Greer Klein to learn more about any of the web services DuraSpace offers.


13th International Digital Curation Conference, Barcelona, Spain, February 19-22David Wilcox

WEBINAR: Getting Started With Fedora, February 28, David Wilcox

11th Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting, Berlin, Germany, March 21-23, David Wilcox, Michele Mennielli 

WEBINAR: Open Source Repository Upgrades: Top Advice from Practitioners, March 28, Erin Tripp

VIVO Camp San Diego, April 5-7, Mike Conlon

Durapace Summit, San Diego, April 10-11, Andrew Woods, Carol Minton Morris, David Wilcox, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Erin Tripp, Michele Mennielli, Mike Conlon, Val Hollister

CNI Spring Membership Meeting, San Diego, April 12-13  Debra Hanken Kurtz, Erin Tripp, David Wilcox, Andrew Woods

ANKOS Link 2018, Antalya (Turkey), April 17-20, Michele Mennielli 

COAR Annual Meeting, Hamburg (Germany), May 15-17, Michele Mennielli

Fedora Camp at NASA, May 16-18, David Wilcox, Andrew Woods, Danny Bernstein

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