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Regular Attendees

  • Carol (star)
  • Debra
  • Val
  • Jonathan
  • Mike
  • David


  • Call In To: "webex-cineca01" <>
  • (star) - Indicates who will be taking minutes
  • This is a bi-weekly meeting to work on approaches to international outreach

Discussion Topics




Coordinating DuraSpace efforts towards international outreach

  • Central approach / project-based initiatives
  • Shared communication across projects
  • Partnerships versus Memberships
  • National (and European) alliances
  • Consortia and individual institutions
  • Low-hanging fruit

General international outreach

  • Discussion: Joint publication
    • In October of 2015 DuraSpace established a bi-monthly spanish language newsletter, DuraSpace Informe, and a corresponding twitter account as a way to engage with spanish-speaking users. Prior to launching the newsletter we worked with our Chilean RSP, Prodigio Consultores, to determine which types of content would be of interest to South American users in particular and developed a list of likely potential subscribers. The recent May issue was sent to 381 subscribers and was opened by 85 readers (23.6%). The content that was most accessed included news about current DSpace and VIVO initiatives.
    • Would this type of publication would help support the work Cineca is doing, and potentially set the stage for deeper future engagement in other parts of Europe and beyond? If you agree that an Italian version of DuraSpace Informe would be helpful steps would include identifying Italian users of DSpace, Fedora and VIVO in order to build trackable mailing lists (current contacts so far), identification of potential relevant content, translation of content, and production/distribution of the newsletter. In addition a corresponding google groups list and twitter account would be established.

Consortial international outreach

  • Discussion
5Other discussion 


1. Announcements/catch-up

  • We will meet bi-weekly to work on DuraSpace-wide international outreach strategy/tactics; same time; invitation to come

2. Coordinating DuraSpace efforts towards international outreach, Jonathan, Michele

  • DSpace international outreach efforts have been ongoing to engage more international members
  • Fedora also engaged in international outreach efforts
  • VIVO has had variety of conversations with European orgs
    • A coordinated approach to these and other individual project and DuraSpace-wide efforts would be most effective
  • Unite, coordinate and avoid stepping on each others toes
  • DuraSpace has been struggling for years to get memberships outside of the US
  • Suggest a varied approach united by a strategy we agree on
    • Central approach / project-based initiatives
    • most effective for DuraSpace to be seen as "the helping organization"
    • Shared communication across projects
    • Partnerships versus Memberships
    • Partnerships more likely to lead to funding outside of the US (travel to workshops etc)
    • National (and European) alliances
    • Consortia and individual institutions
    • Low-hanging fruit–should not look at membership as sole approach in areas where there are better approaches

DuraSpace would have a much stronger effect in spreading/promoting the activities of the organizations.

  • Promoting the concepts of open source and open access are key prior to promoting solutions
    • All types of tools are acceptable and preferred; an organization like DuraSpace the provides a range of solutions (agnostic) may be more successful
    • Creating awareness of DuraSpace as the foundational organization behind tools is key
    • Organizational value proposition should be agnostic, no single solution
  • Several opportunities for promoting the use of DSpace in Brazil or South Africa; can also promote additional tools if its DuraSpace
  • Non US institutions may not be able to be a member of a US org for many reasons
  • Partnerships are a better way forward—traveling to meetings and conferences sponsored by large organizations and presenting workshops as promotional vehicle; funding agencies learn about organization and can then help move collaborative efforts forward
  • This type of travel can often be sponsored by the organization
  • Orgs are interested in giving and in turn getting support/collaboration

What is the short list of organizations to approach, and which tactics for outreach would you suggest? Carol


Action Items 

Review lists of potential partnering orgs for discussionALL
Review lists of potential membership consortia for discussionALL


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