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The Bridge Intake Service provides data pulled down from the Duracloud Bridge App a path into Chronopolis. It currently handles bagging of snapshots, which includes validating files from the manifest given by Duracloud.




  • Running Duracloud Bridge App to connect to
  • Staging area for creating bags


Installation can be done through the provided rpm. This offers builds for both RHEL6 and RHEL7.

Installation Notes

Installed Files For RHEL6 


Installed Files For RHEL7


When running, the service will check for the following directories and create/apply permissions if they do not match:

  • System Logging: /var/log/chronopolis/
  • Journal data: /var/lib/chronopolis/data/


# Cron timer for how often the bridge is polled
  poll: 0 0 0 * * *
# General chron configuration
## chron.node: obsolete;
## chron.workDirectory: directory for storing information used for ongoing operations, e.g. file csv
## the id of the bag staging area for this service
## chron.stage.bags.posix.path: the path on disk to the bag staging area for this service
  node: chron
  workDirectory: /tmp/chronopolis
  stage.bags: 4
    posix.path: /scratch0/bags
# Chronopolis Ingest API Configuration
## ingest.api.endpoint: the http endpoint of the Ingest Server
## ingest.api.username: the username to connect to the Ingest Server with
## ingest.api.password: the password to connect to the Ingest Server with
  endpoint: http://localhost:8000/
  username: admin
  password: admin
# ACE IMS Configuration
## ace.ims.endpoint: the fqdn of the ims
## ace.ims.port: the port to connect to the ims on; one of: 80, 443
  endpoint: localhost
  port: 80
  waitTime: 6000
# Duracloud Bridge Configuration
# The storage areas the bridge app writes in to
# Connection information to query the bridge
## an identifier for the bridge
## duracloud.bridge.snapshots: the path on disk to the snapshots directory
## duracloud.bridge.restores: the path on disk to the restores directory
## duracloud.bridge.username: the username to use when querying the bridge
## duracloud.bridge.password: the password to use when querying the bridge
## duracloud.bridge.password: the http endpoint of the bridge
    - name: bridge-0
      snapshots: /bridge-0/snapshots/
      restores: /bridge-0/restore/
      username: replace-me
      password: replace-me
      endpoint: http://localhost:8080/
    - name: bridge-1
      snapshots: /bridge-1/snapshots/
      restores: /bridge-1/restore/
      username: replace-me
      password: replace-me
      endpoint: http://localhost:8081/

# Logging configuration
  file: /var/log/bridgeintake/intake.log
    org.springframework: ERROR
    org.hibernate: ERROR
    org.chronopolis: debug
    org.chronopolis.intake.duracloud.config: trace
# Extraneous settings
#   disable SNI on https connections - false is the default and recommended value
disableSNI: false

Release Notes

Release 3.0.1

09 April, 2019

  • Bug Fix: Resolve error with startup failing to configure our beans

Release 3.0.0

21 March, 2019

  • Remove deprecated DPN workflow
  • Update .gitlab-ci.yml to cache maven artifacts

Release 2.4.3

21 March, 2019

  • Update Chronopolis and chron-test dependencies to latest

Release 2.4.2

23 January, 2019

  • Bump Chronopolis dependency version
  • Bug Fix: Fix csv upload to create the MultiPart data correctly

Release 2.4.1

22 January, 2019

  • Bump Chronopolis dependency version

Release 2.4.0

11 January, 2019

  • Bridge consolidation work to bring multiple bridge querying to a single service
  • Update notification of missing Depositors to fire only once for the lifetime of the bridge
  • Fix Bug resulting in successive snapshot runs not being processed if a check against the Depositor fails
  • Update ChronopolisIngest for 3.0.0 workflow

Release 2.3.2

09 August, 2018

  • Fixed bug which was preventing deserialization of certain classes
  • Temporarily disabled HttpFilter because of bug in Ingest Server

Release 2.3.1

07 August, 2018

  • Updated logic for appending a prefix to a depositor so that it is used in every operation

Release 2.3.0

10 July, 2018

  • Code licensed under BSD-3
  • Use separate thread pools when executing Ingestion tasks
    • Long IO operations - bagging, cleaning, etc
    • Short IO operations - HTTP requests
  • Bring tokenization process up to date with Chronopolis Core code
  • Test that a depositor exists before attempting to push a Bag to Chronopolis or DPN

Release 2.2.1

18 May, 2018

  • Fix bug where constraint for bag size was checked incorrectly
  • Fix bug where tokens were not being created because a dependency was missing

Release 2.2.0

14 May, 2018

  • Fix bug where we could potentially create the wrong number of replications
  • Add constraint satisfaction when creating DPN Replications
  • Refactor code for Chronopolis and DPN Ingest to better facilitate working on snapshots concurrently
    • Break up DPN Ingestion steps into multiple classes
    • Use standard lib interfaces instead of spring-batch for tasks

Release 2.1.0

8 February, 2018

  • Actively clean storage upon completion of data replicating
    • For chronopolis: Ingest reports PRESERVED
    • For DPN: All replications completed
  • Mark staging as inactive in Ingest for completed replications in Chronopolis

Release 2.0.3

29 November, 2017

  • Query on Bags we created when running Tokenization

Release 2.0.2

9 November, 2017

  • Remove creation of /var/log/chronopolis from rpm and instead create it on application startup

Release 2.0.1

8 November, 2017

  • Use correct properties when creating Ingest Requests to Chronopolis

Release 2.0.0

30 October, 2017

  • Integrate Chronopolis 2.0.0 Changes
    • Import tokenization module in order to create ACE Tokens for incoming data
    • Use new properties classes for configuration of storage and api communication
    • Capture basic metrics when creating bags
    • Update ingest flow to create bag and fixity
  • Updates to build and init scripts
    • Support EL6 and EL7
    • Quality of life changes to the sysv init script based on rpmlint

Release 1.5.1

30 June, 2017

  • Fix bug that caused replications to be created for each node in DPN

Release 1.5.0

26 June, 2017

  • Add a prefix for chronopolis bound collections
  • When creating replications for dpn, choose replicating nodes in a deterministic manner per snapshot so that all bags in a snapshot end up at the same DPN nodes.

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