Grant DOI: 

Grantee: University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Lead Investigator: Bob R. Price

Investigators: Derek R. Norton, Brad Spry

Keywords: University library, Software integration, Library patron services, Voice Assistant

Year Awarded: 2017

Amount: $18,000

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This project was designed to leverage and test how the Internet of Things or (IoT) technology could be applied to a broader set of tools used by libraries, museums, and archives. The University felt that searching through an online index of content held for patron use could be daunting for patrons unable to use keyboards, mouse, or monitors. With this project the team focused on IoT devices and their capability to integrate with the Ex Libris Primo interface for known item searching. The goals of the project were to develop integration using API’s, test the integration in a lab setting; deploy IoT devices within the library building; perform a usability study to determine if this deployment is satisfactory to users and adjust the integration to improve usability.