Grant DOI: 

Grantee: Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Lead Investigator: Jennifer Johnson (

Investigators: Derek Miller, Kristi Palmer (

Keywords: University library, 3D digitization, 3D metadata, Three-dimensional display systems, Three-dimensional imaging, Library materials--Digitization, Archival materials--Digitization, Library metadata

Year Awarded: 2017

Amount: $29,500

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Description: This project was designed to pilot 3D digitization and metadata conventions by: 1) Digitizing and describing objects of varying colors, shapes and sizes, for a variety of intended audiences 2) Documenting those processes 3) Establishing preliminary standards and workflows 4) Testing those preliminary standards and workflows and 5) Nationally vetting those preliminary standards. This work did underpin the beginnings of standardization for 3D digitization of artifacts for digital collections of library, museum, and archives on a national scale.