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  • John Kunze

  • Sebastien Peyrard

  • Tracy Seneca
  • Kurt Ewoldsen
  • Maria Gould


  • first survey, FAQ

Discussion items


recent and upcoming presentations;

first survey, for Sustainability WG

  • John at CNI/DuraSpace Summit, Conf @ Northwestern & CODATA meeting before RDA.  Talked to OA-connect group at CDL, and a PID conference in Portland.  Will present in San Diego in a couple of weeks.  Because ARKs are so flexible, it is difficult to talk about how to get started and covey the basics.  Providing best practices for each domain or use case would be useful.

  • Kurt shared summary of discussion in AG regarding in-person meeting.  There was general agreement with trying the virtual approach, while remaining open to the idea of an in-person meeting co-located at a larger event if the right opportunity arises.
  • Sebastien indicated that the ARK Summit in France was a hybrid event that is very difficult to manage, while Tracy asserts that it is much harder to engage with the audience in a virtual setting (which Kurt confirms).
  • Maria reports having a generally good experience using Zoom for large virtual meetings by taking advantage of the polling/voting options (eg, with; see also and having a moderator monitor and respond to chats from those not willing to speak up in large groups. But it takes much more prep time.
  • Kurt apologized for not having edits from discussion early this week incorporated into the initial survey, but will have them addressed and into the survey tool within a week which will be shared with the group.
40FAQ, videos, elevator pitchall
  • Tracy suggests targeting webinars to a particular audience, to ensure the material is appropriate and that the time is used effectively.  Suggests that we could piggy-back on (or participate in) the Lyrasis webinar series (Kurt/John to explore). Suggests starting with just a powerpoint presentation before trying fancier video production.
  • Sebastien will share some existing (French) presentations re both ARKs and persistent identifiers in general.
  • Kurt suggests that we will need tutorials for all skill levels and should start building them on existing materials before creating content from scratch. Who has the right "voice" to narrate such a thing?

Action items

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  1. Here is a French-speaking tutorial : tutoriel_ark.pptx

    2 slides were translated in English : ARK_english.pptx (the 4 pillars of ARK + summary with example of ARK anatomy and access / identity related parts)

    Summary below:

    What is ARK?

    • a governance, specification, registry and forum (translated: english slide n°1)
    • minting ARKs: a commitment. Great power means great responsibilities

    Principles of ARK : objet - identifier string - metadata + persistence commitment

    The inflections : the object, its metadata, and its policy - an example

    Who mints ARKs? Role and responsibilities of the NAA

    • Uniqueness: role of the subnaming authorities
    • Naming policy, some guidelines
    • Optional check character: how it works, what is it for?
    • ARK = decouples identity from access

    Qualifiers introduction

    • hierarchy qualifiers
    • variant qualifiers
    • general principle: optional, what it means

    Recap with a sample URL embedding an ARK (translated, english slide n°2)

    Last question: If I'm using ARK, does it guarantee the persistence of my objects? Answer: no, persistence is a matter of commitment.