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Review of draft surveyAll

Comments from Brian:

  • What is the difference between a member and a Founding Member; what is the value-add?
  • The sweet spot for a membership fee is $3-5K
  • For the Summit, consider remote participation
  • Provide some examples of conferences that we could co-locate with
  • Do we want to provide a constrained list of organizational roles to make sure we are getting the information we need (decision-maker vs non; budget authority, etc.)

Comments from Roger:

  • If their organization doesn't currently assign ARKS, why are they interested? (we should ask them to find out!)
  • Do we want to know any other organizational affiliation other than Lyrasis/DuraSpace?
  • Change the order so the survey starts with the "easy" demographic questions, not jumping right in to what the community should do and whether they would participate
  • Add a non-technical, non-ARK experienced option from someone who might help with organization or administration:  Policy, Governance, Sustainability, Administration, Finances?
  • They have done a recent pricing survey and can assist with a like effort if it is called for

For membership fees / value of becoming a founding member, examples given of JSTOR (gave initial price discount) and Kickstarter (guaranteed a product at a given price).  While not directly applicable, thought needs to go into this if we pursue the "founding member" concept.  Also, Roger commented that whatever we give to founding members needs to not be a disincentive to future members, so my idea of giving them control of the AG might not be the best approach.  It needs to balance encouraging initial members while leaving room for full participation from future members.

For in-person conference, the type of person we want to attract will help determine what conference to co-locate with.  Do we want decision-makers and those with budget authority (at least initially as we form) or practitioners who can become champions within their organization and/or sphere of influence?  Combination of both or neither?  Kurt will take this question to the AG on Thursday.

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