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recap last meetingKE

KE: Reviewed costs. Since then tried to review value proposition and costs. Our goal is not to find $70K but to build and understand the need for the community.

KW: I think that's smart. Agreed

BM: Community effort is just as important as sustaining the infrastructure. This is better than view CDL as just a service. Want to ensure that whatever we adopt has long-term sustainability.

ET: I'm interested in finding out what providers can do is important. Sometimes its easier to give money than time, depending on the nature of the institution. Let's see what kind of participation can we get.

  general discussion 

KE: From Outreach WG, looking at surveying the community for what they can give: time, money, or other.

KE: Propose we craft a fairly concise survey and get it out soon

JK: Work with Outreach on this?

KE: Yes, everything needs to be "agile" and incremental. But avoiding survey fatigue

ET: Targeted approach is best. We should share it Outreach. Should take only 5 mins to complete.

RS: We have lots of experience and we can give helpful advice.

JK: What channels did Joan use?

KE: Same as with the EOI's.

ET: Blog posts, social media channels, and arks forum.

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