Curation System Needs

Benefits of the Curation System

The DSpace curation system can be invoked for a

  1. Site
  2. Community
  3. Collection
  4. Item.

Curation System tasks can be run 

  1. Immediately
  2. Queued for background execution - uses separate memory

Limitations of the Curation System

  • Curation system does not persist output (only permits STDOUT redirection)
  • Curation system produces only text
    • HTML would be useful for an admin report
    • JSON would be useful REST
  • Curation system does not take parameters
    • Every variation of a task requires a new module


  • Allow tasks to produce output as HTML and/or JSON
    • XML if needed
    • It is important to allow links to be included in the output
  • Allow persistence of output
    • Database?
    • File system?
  • Create a mechanism to clean up curation output
  • Allow parameters to be passed to a task
  • Expose a REST endpoint
    • to initiate a curation task (with / without parameters)
    • to queue a curation task (with / without parameters)
    • review curation task output