Research Intelligence Task Force



This is a draft of a Research Intelligence Task Force charter. Comments welcome and encouraged.
We will hold our first meeting (via teleconference) in early 2019. - Tom Cramer


Research intelligence is increasingly interesting to the VIVO community, and a sphere where VIVO is particularly well-positioned to add value to adopting institutions, and as an open project, to help shape practices and expectations within the international research community. This Task Force will provide a designated area for the VIVO Community and fellow travelers to communicate and collaborate on research intelligence, emerging requirements and best practices, and implications for policy, systems, interfaces and data models. 


  • Discuss institutional and national practices, requirements and trends in research intelligence
  • Share use cases, success stories, reports and functional benefits of research intelligence among research institutions 
  • Share technical architectures, integrations, system developments, and data model implications
  • Identify and help coordinate opportunities for collaborative work
  • Serve as a latch-point for external communities and commercial providers to the VIVO community for efforts of mutual interest and benefit 


  • standing forum for sharing information on RI within the VIVO Commmunity 
  • a library or knowledge base of research intelligence use cases, reports and success stories from the field
    • identifying the questions that can be answered by RI
    • exploring the best visualizations & reports to convey the analysis
    • sharing the institutional value of the RI analyses (including specific stakeholders)
  • recommendations / input to Product Evolution and VIVO Technical Roadmap committees on making VIVO more RI-friendly
  • mapping of VIVO integration points (system & data) to other components of the research ecosystem (institutional, funder, publishers, et al.)
    • identify and explore potential APIs for common components in ecosystem (among identity management, profiles, financial systems, e.g.)
    • capture examples of data access and reuse from open data endpoints
  • organization of Research Intelligence track at VIVO Conferences (if accepted into program)

Suggested schedule

Develop charter, solicit members, schedule first meeting

1 month


Confirm charter, roles, schedule at first meeting

2 weeks

2019-01-15 and 30

Organize regular calls and communication channels

1 month


Identify and plan additional actions & deliverables

1 month


Ongoing work


(Name and Affiliation)

  • Tom Cramer, Stanford University
  • Andrew Woods, DuraSpace 
  • Mike Conlon , University of Florida
  • Virginia (Ginny) Pannabecker , Virginia Tech
  • Christian Hauschke, Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)
  • Dong Joon (DJ) Lee, Texas A&M University
  • Terrie Wheeler, Weill Cornell
  • Paul Albert, Weill Cornell
  • Florencia Florido, SIGMA
  • Ralph O'Flinn ,UAB
  • Alex Viggio , University of Colorado Boulder
  • Jack Park, TopicQuests Foundation
  • David Baker, CASRAI
  • Ben Cornwell, University of Wollongong
  • John Furfey , Woods Hole
  • hannah sommers , George Washington University
  • Jan Fransen, University of Minnesota
  • Mogens Sandfaer, Technical University of Denmark -
  • Sonja Schulze - Osnabrück University

others to be solicited from the VIVO Community

TBD at first meeting - task force lead

TBD at first meeting - task force facilitator

Meeting Times


Communication Channels

  • VIVO Wiki page on Research Intelligence: 

  • Slack Channel on Research Intelligence: #research_intel

  • Email list: ______ ?

Agendas and Notes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members 3 days before meeting

  • Prepare agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before meeting

Use standard meeting agenda and notes format (see VIVO wiki Task Force Agenda Template (click --> here for example).