XSLT Ingest Example: Fill in URPs and UROs

Fill in URPs and UROs

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This step is actually a replay of the part of the gather XSLT that tries to find an existing match for URIs among the pre-existing  foaf:Person s and foaf:Organization s. The main difference is that we use  NewPers.xml  and  NewOrgs.xml  in place of  Per0.xml  and  Org0.xml . Figure 14 shows the code for the main XSLT template in  fillURPs.xsl . The code for organizations is found in  fillUROs.xsl .

fillURPs.xsl Main Template - Figure 14

  • [F14H0] Copy  EduRecord  as a container.
  • [F14H1] When the current tag name matches  personUri  and the tag is empty, try to find a match to the name/netid peer tags. A match is a sure thing now because of all of the effort that came before.
  • [F14H2] Otherwise just deep copy the peer tag data.
  • [F14H3] Close out the outer copy operation.

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