1. The Person entity has a large collection of literal values.  The most common are shown in the Person entity below.
  2. People are associated with research areas represented by skos:Concept entities.  See Concept Model.
  3. Positions are relationships between a person and an organization.  See Organization Model for detail regarding representation of organizations.  The position may have an associated dateTimeInterval.  See DateTimeValue and DateTimeInterval Models for details regarding the representation of these entities.
  4. The ORCiD of a person is represented as an entity.  The URI of the entity is the ORCiD of the person.  See Managing Person Identifiers for additional details.
  5. The photo of a person is stored in a file and referenced using triples associated with the person.  See Image storage
  6. Vcards are used to store contact information, name parts, URLs, and geolocation.  The general pattern is that a person has a vcard, the vcard has a an intermediate related to the type of information to be stored, and the intermediate has references to literal values.
  7. Additional details regarding the person – teaching, grants, publications, advising, educational training, awards, memberships – are shown in their respective models.