Meeting Details:

Tuesday December 5, 2017 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time



  1. Update on Development Effort organization (steve van tuyl)
    1. Getting very slow response thus far
      1. Two from UVA and one from North Carolina who may be able to dedicate their time.
      2. This does not include folks from Michigan yet (committed, but have not filled out the form).
      3. Steve will be sending out a handful of targeted invitations/pleas for help to some folks who have indicated interested and whose institution hasn't participated; UCSD will be one of those.
        1. Mike suggested that we wait until mid-January to gauge interest here. We might be fighting community fatigue.
      4. No good leads at this point for organizer or technical lead for this development work.
  2. Update on Documentation (Nik Dragovic)
    1. Nik added bullet points to the Wiki.
    2. Sketch out scope of work and priorities for documentation.
    3. Need to work in coordination of organizers of the development effort.
      1. Need to get further into the development work before we can get fully started on documentation.
  3. Next steps:
    1. Wait until development effort is closer and fully formed before we can start the first round of documentation.
    2. Where will the documentation go and live?
      1. page
    3. Consider spinning this Working Group down. 

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