Call in details:



  1. Indroductions
  2. Context: specifications and API alignment -  terminologyresource versioningauthorization
  3. Design decisions
  4. Open questions
  5. Next steps


  1. API Alignment Sprints
  2. Terminology:
  3. HvS: Is there a 'to'/'from' date associated with each LDPRm?
  4. HvS: Suggesting storing Memento data in the LDP-NR-description
  5. Har: Are LDPR and LDPRv separate resources?


  1. Issue: referential integrity
  2. Issue: versioning of trees


  1. Enabling versioning
  2. Content-Location header has conflicting usage
  3. Check if a resource is versionable
  4. Check if the client can create versions
  5. Creating a new version of an LDPRv


  1. Resources can have ACLs associated with them
  2. Is there value in having different permissions on LDPRv and LDPCv?

Internal Representation of resources

  1. LDPCv will have RDF serialization, memento info will just be in headers
  2. W3C has just released a "time ontology"
  3. Memento (LDPRm)

Finding the ACL on an LDPRm

  1. When looking for LDPRm that is before the initial datetime, you get first
  2. When looking for LDPRm that is after the last datetime, you get current
  3. Can remove LDPRms

Referential integrity

  1. Proposal: Ignore ref-integrity when removing linked resources

Next Steps

  1. How should sprint-2 interact with Memento team?

ACTION: have a check-in next week, Tue, 10/3 10amET