The concepts here presented are largely inspired by the navigation patterns and functionalities available in JIRA (one of the most successful trouble ticketing system also used to manage the DSpace project) and Zotero (an easy-to-use well known research tools to collect and organize research outputs).

Any registered user has access to a Dashboard from where all the actions related to new content and profile management can be performed. Depending on his role, the user will see one or more tabs related to content. The submitter role has a simple tab “Your submissions” where he has a full overview of his submissions, current and past. From here it’s possible to start a new submission (see the Submission wizard section) or complete and check the statuses of previous started submissions.

The following functionalities will be provided:

Macro changes required to the DSpace architecture


If you want propose changes to these mockups please add a comment in this page referencing to your own version of the mockups. The editable version of the mockup are linked just below each images. Clone the mockup page, make your own change editing the page and the balsamiq mockup and don't forget to link to your proposal in your comment!

Submitter dashboard (editable version)

MyDSpace Detail view (editable mockup)

MyDSpace admin dashboard 1 (editable mockup)

MyDSpace admin dashboard 2 (editable mockup)