NOTE: Original name was Display Sets Working Group.  All references to Display Sets in these documents can be replaced with the term Collection Extensions.

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Scope & Objectives

This group will explore the use of Display Sets to allow resources controlled by Admin Sets (for visibility and workflow control) to be organized into arbitrary groupings of resources.  This work is specifically looking to provide a solution for use cases that cannot fit into the limitations of Admin Sets.  Two current limitations of Admin Sets prevent arbitrary grouping.  1) a resource may exist in one-and-only-one Admin Set, and 2) Admin Sets may not be nested.

The group will also propose mockups for interacting with Display Sets with in Sufia and potentially Curation Concerns.

This group should be comprised of a balance of members from multiple institutions and varying use cases.  Ideally we will have members with Hydra stack implementation experience and/or UI design skills.  Members need to be able to commit to the following deliverables and timeframe.

Deliverables & Timeframe

Deliverables will include:

Documents will be delivered via the Hydra wiki.  Feedback will be solicited through hydra-tech list and Hydra Tech Calls.

The group will begin meeting in early January 2017.  The group's sunset date is currently scheduled for March 31st, 2017.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Slack channel:

Meeting Notes


Community Documents

Working Group Documents


Note that to be a member of a Working Group, you must have have a CLA in place if you are committing code (not anticipated for Phase 1) and you must consent to release documentation under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Membership will be capped at (10) in order to keep scheduling and organization manageable.

Facilitator : Lynette Rayle (Cornell)  

  1. Linda Newman (University of Cincinnati)
  2. Hannah Frost (Stanford)
  3. Gary Geisler (Stanford)
  4. Nabeela Jaffer (University of Michigan)
  5. Aaron Collier (California State University)


The following documents have made efforts to explore of issues related to various groupings of resources including Collections, Admin Sets, and Use Cases.

Other reference docs that may be of use.