Members: Mark Bussey, Bess Sadler


The group holds a quarterly call to identify opportunities to: 

These actions may take place in many contexts, including, but not limited to:


Planned Meetings:

Q1 2016:  February - Doodle Poll here:

Q2 2016:  TBD

Q3 2016:  TBD (sometime before HC2016)

Q4 2016:  TBD (decide whether to continue or retired the Interest Group)


2016-10-08  Retiring the IG: Notes

Due to various other commitments and priorities, I have not had the time to invest in this group I had hoped.  However, I'm encouraged that many of the topics this group was intended to address are finding much more natural and integrated homes throughout the community.  I just attended the largest and most diverse Hydra Connect meeting yet, and am excited by:

I feel privileged to be part of a community that aspires to openness and diversity as seriously as ours does.  It makes me feel much more comfortable retiring this specific group.