Agenda and presentations

A blog post from Jenny Mitcham (York), who attended the symposium, can be found here.  (Thanks, Jenny.)

Another blog piece from Lucy Ayre and Thom Carter (from LSE) can be found here.  (Thanks both.)

Monday 7th April

1:00pm          Welcome

1:10pm          Hydra project overview  Presentation (pptx)

1:40pm          Hydra: working together (community operation in detail)  Presentation (pptx)

2:00pm          Hydra: sharing technology (technical overview)  Presentation (pptx)

2:20pm          Case studies 1: Trinity College / DRI  Presentation (pptx)

2:40pm          Break

3:00pm          Case studies 2: Royal Library of Denmark  Presentation (pptx)

3:20pm          Case studies 3: University of Hull  Presentation (pptx)

3:40pm          Case studies 4: US Hydra use overview  Presentation (pptx)

4:00pm          Break

4:20pm          Vendor support  Presentation (pptx)

4:40pm          Questions from the day

5:10pm          Unconference theme gathering for Day 2 breakouts

~5:30pm        End – shared drinks and dinner at agreed locations

Tuesday 8th April

9:00am           Welcome and recap from Day 1

9:15am           Meeting needs: Hydra flexibility (breakout groups based on identified themes)

10:00am         Plenary feedback

10:15am         Enabling preservation through Hydra

10:45am         Break

11:15am         Making the case and getting going Presentation (pptx)

12noon           Looking ahead: next steps for Hydra  Presentation (pptx)

12:30pm         Questions and wrap-up

1:00pm           Close