Once a year, the Hydra Steering Group convened a meeting dedicated to strategic planning. For the benefits of perspective and additional expertise, community members from across the HydraSphere are invited to participate. To keep the meetings effective and at a manageable size, and to ensure a representative cross-section of the community, the list of those invited to participate each year is created with an eye to diversity and expertise in the key issues and opportunities on the agenda. 

In 2014, these strategic discussions were christened "Power Steering Meetings". The agendas and notes from the sessions are shared publicly; the outcomes often shape the direction and the strategic planning for Hydra for future quarters. 

In 2017, in the lead up to our rebranding as Samvera, a full Partner meeting replaced the Power Steering event.

Hydra "Power Steering" Meetings for Strategy

Hydra Power Steering Issues / To-do's