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BPL Catering

Steven had a meeting with the events staff at BPL on 5/11/2016.  Since Hydra is not actually a non-profit there is a question as to whether we can get the non-profit discount for the conference.


Until that is resolved we will not have final costs for catering, which is key for establishing registration costs for the conference.  The reception is estimated to cost $25,000.00

Hopefully the issue will be resolved by May 20, 2016 – next meeting with the catering company


Other notes on catering


Checking badges at Meetings


Sponsorship of the conference. With a ticket price of $200.00 we are about $2,500.00 in the red.   


Other items

Steven is working to get the event site set up

Steven is getting quote for the tshirts

What info needs to be in the registration form? We will work with the program committee to iron out those details.