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  1. Chair: Rick Johnson
    Note taker: Richard Green
  2. Additions/changes to agenda
  3. Minutes of the last meeting  August 21st, 2014
  4. Logistics reports
    1. Booking.
    2. Attendee Limit (go beyond 150?), limit per institution?
      Maintain cap at 150 + stragglers (currently we have 158) 
      In view of size of conference and number of NPAs need a social team to encourage mixing Action: TBD
    3. Essential logistics page at  Essential logistics facts
    4. Overnight car parking alternatives being investigated (go with hotel parking)
    5. Status of t-shirt supplies investigated (OK)
      Stanford need size/gender information as soon as we have a good feel for it Action Mark (attendance list)/Richard August 30
    6. Need to reorganize main wiki page to emphasize program and links for fill-in pages Action: Richard  (tick)
  5. Program milestones and progress
    1. Review of response from assigned speaker/panelists
      Rick will contact Karen C about her involvement in the workshop Action: Rick  (tick)
      Richard will change name of Hydramata-Works workshop throughout Action: Richard    (warning) Checking details with Justin and Jeremy
    2. Assigning rooms and cap on attendance of different sessions
    3. Low Response rate for Thursday lightning talks  Suggestions for Thursday Lightning talks
      1. Mention in partner and committer calls?
        Send out another lightning talk email on 9/4 Action: Richard
        Comb our existing lists for items that should be lightning talks Action: Linda  (tick)
    4. Lightning talks for Wednesday morning    Weds lightning talksAction: all (Target Date: Sept 15?)
    5. Review call to developers for developer topics (also low, just nail this down?)
    6. Finalize program?
    7. Call for unconference topics and presentations and lightning talks (target dates?)
      1. landing page for this Action: Linda  (tick)
      2. Move must cover topics to unconference list (Action: TBD, Target Date: Sept. 4 (tick)
      3. Call for more unconference topics (Target Date: Sept. 11)
  6. AOB
  7. Next meeting Thursday 21 August usual timeslot
    Please highlight on the draft agenda items that must be resolved in the call (Action: all)