Hydra Connect 2015 Thursday Morning Unconference Session

Migrating from Fedora 3 to 4

Informal Poll: about half a dozen people plan to migrate in the next six months

Started with questions and filled in as many answers as we could.

Pain points? What is holding you back?




1. Create Documentation Working Group – start the process within a week - send out appeal to the hydra-tech list, get a page going on the Wiki - this will be done by  * David Chandek-Stark
Other volunteers for this WG:  Jim Coble, Mike ??? Andrew ???

2. Adam Wead’s migration tool takes the hydra-rights metadata and translates it into Web ACL objects. If you use the Fedora migrator, you’ll need to do a second pass to handle this hydra-specific piece.

Andrew Woods: Adam Wead’s migration tool predates the Web ACL final implementation. Need to verify that the tool is consonant with the current FC4 implementation of Web ACLs