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Monday 8th June (Workshops)

Workshop 08: A Hands-On Introduction to GeoBlacklight - Location: Regency E

Tuesday 9th June

P1A: Linked Open Data (LOD)

Fedora4: The Open Linked Data Platform  Andrew Woods, Rob Sanderson

P1B: Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Archives

P1C: Re-using Repository Content

P2A: Integrating with External Systems: the use case of ORCID

P2B: Image Management

P2C: Developing and Training Staff

P3A: Integrating with External Systems

P3B: Managing Rights

P3C: Developing and Training Staff (continued)

P3D: Doing DevOps for a Perfect Repository Environment

Wednesday 10th June

P4A: Managing Research (and Open) Data

P4B: Supporting Open Scholarship and Open Science

P4C: Integration of Tools / International Networks of Data Providers

P5A: Building the Perfect Repository

P5B: Metadata / Exploring Metrics and Assessment

P5C: Digital Preservation

P6A: Repository Rants and Raves

Thursday 11th June

FED1: Fedora Interest Group 1: Fedora 4 Deep Dive

FED2: Fedora Interest Group 2: Fedora 4 

FED3B: Fedora Interest Group 3B: Hydra and Others