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  1. Any news from Kevin Ford's issue from list

  2. Fedora 4.7.3 release testing

  3. Performance metrics from fedora-tech (Christopher Johnson)

  4. Moving Fedora impl towards the API Specification
  5. Integrity issues with Import/Export of versions (Ben Pennell)
  6. ...
  7. Status of "in-flight" tickets

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  1. Please squash a bug!

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  1. Any news from Kevin Ford's issue from list
  2. Fedora 4.7.3 release testing
    1. RC is out for 4.7.3.  Need to complete the standard release testing.  Jim Coble  will see if he can do some of the Hydra testing; if not, Esmé Cowles will.  Esmé Cowles will also see if he can engage others in the Hydra community for testing.  Ben Pennell will see if there is someone on his team who can help with Hydra testing.
    2. Scenarios that need to be accounted for as part of the release notes
      1. User upgraded from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1/.2, then to 4.7.3.  Good chance they will encounter namespace error after shutting down 4.7.1/.2 and trying to spin up 4.7.3.  Workaround developed by Aaron Birkland: Do backup from 4.7.1/.2 before shutting down.  Edit appropriate entries in backup JSON to re-add ns0xx namespaces.  Restore to 4.7.3.  Probably also possible to accomplish same thing via database updates.  Andrew Woods and Aaron Birkland will work on Google doc on remediation process in preparation for release notes.
      2. User starts on 4.7.1/.2 and upgrades to 4.7.3.  Do not expect there to be a problem.
    3. Prerequisites for releasing 4.7.3: standard testing done; release notes done; confirmation from Chemical Heritage Foundation (at least) that 4.7.3 actually fixes the problem.
  3. Performance metrics from fedora-tech (Christopher Johnson)
    Christopher Johnson has expressed interest in performance-related testing.  How do we as a community move this arena forward?  Joshua Westgard and Ben Pennell expressed interest during the call.  Andrew Woods encouraged them and anyone else interested in the topic to indicate their interest on the fedora-tech thread.  One quick win might be to repeat the suite of performance tests (last done on Fedora 4.5?) on the latest release.  Would also be good to begin to move the tests to compliance with the API specification
  4. Moving Fedora impl towards the API Specification
    Would having one or more sprints focused on this be the best way to move it forward?  Target date for first public working draft of spec is June 20.  Esmé Cowles noted that Hydra folks are using Modeshape Fedora almost exclusively, though there is also some interest in Cavendish.  Perhaps a sprint in July or August would be good.  It would be good to document the delta's needed in the current code base to reach API spec compliance.  Some work has previously been done on an "Adopter's Guide" – https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo-adopters-guide.  Would be good to have a delta's document focused toward fcrepo developers.  The API spec editorial team may be able to help with this.
  5. Integrity issues with Import/Export of versions (Ben Pennell)
    As part of his work on the Import/Export Sprint, Ben Pennell has encountered some issues related to importing exported versions in the area of auto-generated relationships, perhaps specifically related to indirect containers.