Developers Meeting on Weds, October 12, 2016



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Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 4.7 Status: Where do we stand with the 4.x (backport) release?
  2. DSpace 6.0 Status. Are we ready for a final RC4? followed by 6.0 (about one week later)?
    1. "Must Have" tickets that need resolution before 6.0 Final (These are all unresolved tickets flagged "Fix for 6.0" with a priority of "Major" or above.)
    2. Other "quick win" PRs, which are "nice to haves":
  3. Other 6.0 "known issues" (Any tickets in these lists that are not listed above may be rescheduled for 6.1 or later, if no volunteers are found)
    1. Other unresolved issues flagged from "testathon":
    2. All the PRs flagged for 6.0 (some may need rescheduling):

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