Open Repositories 2021

Andrea Bollini, Mykhaylo Boychuk, Pasquale Cavallo, Claudio Cortese, Giuseppe Digilio, Riccardo Fazio, Damiano Fiorenza, Luca Giamminonni, Corrado Lombardi, Alessandro Martelli, Luigi Andrea Pascarelli, Matteo Perelli, Francesco Pio Scognamiglio, Susanna Mornati. (2021, June). DSpace-CRIS 7 is here!. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR2021), Zenodo. Video: (starting at: 1h 03' 55").

Bollini, Andrea, Mornati, Susanna, Digilio, Giuseppe, Piščanc, Jordan, Artini, Michele, & Atzori, Claudio. (2021, June). Results from the OpenAIRE Call for Innovation: Enrich local data via the OpenAIRE Graph. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR2021), Zenodo. Video: (starting at: 0h 01' 08"). 

Marta Crippa, Claudio Cortese, Emilia Groppo, Andrea Bollini, Riccardo Fazio, Francesco Pio Scognamiglio. (2021, June). 8 Terabytes of Music to Explore with DSpace-GLAM and IIIF: the Digital Library of the Milan Conservatory. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR 2021). Zenodo. Video: (starting at: 0h 19' 50").

Gabriele Rossini, Paolo Nassi, Roberto Canevari, Massimo Aurelio, Claudio Cortese, Emilia Groppo, Andrea Bollini, Riccardo Fazio, Matteo Perelli, Francesco Pio Scognamiglio. (2021, June). Pavia Digital Library: enhancing and supporting interoperability within the Cultural Heritage Domain with DSpace-GLAM. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR 2021). Zenodo. Video: (starting at: 1h 34' 23").

Cesar Olivares, Francisco Talavera, Abel del Carpio, Susanna Mornati, Andrea Bollini, Claudio Cortese, Corrado Lombardi, Alfonso Maza, Ana Puente de la Puebla. (2021, June). PeruCRIS: A National Research Information Infrastructure based on DSpace-CRIS. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR 2021). Video: (starting at: 0h 7' 06"). Poster:

Birge Michaela Wolf, Doris Lange, Thorsten Michaelis, Andrea Moser, Stefanie John, Andreas Abecker, Stefan Lossow, Lucia Hahne, Andrea Bollini, Giuseppe Digilio, Susanna Mornati. (2021, June). Introduce Impact-Pathways in a CRIS – support societal impact orientation in research projects and funding processes. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR 2021). Video: (starting at: 0h 51' 37"). Poster:

(see also contributions to DSpace at OR2021 here: DSpace 7 at OR2021)

Open Repositories 2020

DSpace-CRIS 7: What is Coming? – presented on June 3 in virtual session: "Aligning repository networks to support international sharing of COVID-19 resources and other current issues" (video recording, starting at 1h32'53'', slides

euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting 2019

Mornati, Susanna, Czerniak, Andreas, Bollini, Andrea, & Schirrwagen, Jochen. (2019, November). OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers in DSpace-CRIS. Presented at the euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting, Münster, Germany: Zenodo.

Open Repositories 2019

DSpace-CRIS tutorial (July 2018)

Tutorial held at the first Peruvian "Congreso Nacional de Gestión de Información en CTI", 18-20 July 2018, in Arequipa. Video available at: DSpace & DSpace-CRIS Workshop

DSpace-GLAM presentation (June 2018)

Presentation at Open Repositories, 4-7 June 2018, Bozeman, MT: "Migrating the National Library of Naples’ Digital Heritage to DSpace-GLAM".

Webinar hosted by EIFL (November 2017)

EIFL Webinar About DSpace-CRIS with  Susanna Mornati, 4Science, and Giorgi Banetishvili, the National Scientific Library of Georgia (recording available at 

DSpace Entities Working Group (October 2017)

DSpace Anwendertreffen 2017German DSUG (September 2017)

Tutorial for TPDL 2017 - Thessaloniki, Greece (September 2017)

Putting Historical Data in Context: How to Use DSpace-GLAM

Technical seminar funded by the Hamburg University of Technology (August 2017)

Webinar hosted by COAR (July 2017)

Open Repository 2017 - Brisbane, Australia (June 2017)

Webinar hosted by DuraSpace (June 2017)

Open Access Symposium hosted by NRF - Cape Town, South Africa (December 2016)

euroCRIS Days hosted by IBICT - Brasilia, Brazil (November 2016)

INCONECSS, International Conference on Economics and Business Information (April 2016)

euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting Autumn 2015 (IEC, Barcelona, Nov 9-11, 2015) 

EDUCAUSE annual conference, Indianapolis, US (October 2015)

Open Repository 2015, Indianapolis, US (June 2015)

THETA 2015, Gold Coast, Queensland (May 2015)

Duraspace Hot Topic Webinar (March 2015)

euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting Autumn 2014 (KNAW, Amsterdam, Nov 11-12, 2014) 

CRIS2014: 12th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems. Rome, Italy. (May 13-15, 2014)

Open Repository 2014, Helsinki, Finland (June 2014)

euroCRIS membership meeting Porto 2013

Open Repository 2012

Open Repositories 2011, Austin, Texas (6-11 June 2011)

SPARC 2010 Digital Repositories Meeting, Baltimore (8-9 November 2010)

Open Repositories 2010, Madris, Spain (June 2010)

14th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Helsinki Finland (16-18 June 2010)

The World 100 Conference: Managing University Reputation in a Competitive World, Hong Kong, 22-23 June 2010

The 8th Annual Library Leadership Institute 2010, Beijing, 23-27 Apr 2010

Digital Repository Federation International Conference 2009, Tokyo, 3-4 Dec 2009

Other materials