September 4

No meeting.  Updates only.


  1. Mike was awarded $15,000 from SHARE to develop a SHARE to VIVO (and VIVO to SHARE) ingest (can be used for CrossRef data, PubMed, and many other SHARE data sources).  Work will be done over the next three months, resulting in "contributed software" That will be available at SHARE and at VIVO Labs.  Programming will be done by Alexander Garcia Castro (Spain).
  2. Gunther Media has been signed up and announced as the second VIVO Registered Service Provider.   Ontocale (Brian Lowe) has signed to become the third RSP.  We expect details to be announced shortly.  Thomson Reuters has also agreed to be an RSP – this might take a bit longer due to their size, legal review, etc.  Thanks to Jonathan for managing this process. 
  3. Kristi, Mike and Rachael Hand are working with Simon Porter at Digital Science to host conference materials, posters and presentations, at an "institutional" VIVO Figshare site,  Materials are being collected and organized.  We can eventually host all conference materials on this site.
  4. The Duke "Telling VIVO Stories" story appeared this week.  See  

Action Items