The Islandora Bookmark module allows users to build, manage, share, track via RSS, and export lists of Islandora objects.

A user's lists are managed at /islandora-bookmark. Objects can be added to existing lists in two ways:

  1. Through individual object pages: if the "Islandora Bookmark" block has been enabled, it will allow users to bookmark the current object.
  2. Through Solr searches: if the "Bookmark" Solr display profile (and Solr itself) is enabled, users can select and add objects to their bookmark lists from search result pages. Direct export from search result pages is also possible.

Users can share lists (view-only) with other users, or the world. If available to the world, an RSS feed can be used to monitor additions to the list.

Lists can be exported as CSV (default fields: Title, PID). The included submodule, Islandora Bookmark CSV Exports, allows administrators to configure the fields of the CSV using Solr fields. The Islandora Bibliography module also supplies additional export formats (RIS, RTF, and PDF) which treat the object metadata as citation data and format it accordingly.




To configure this module,

  1. Grant permissions to the users who should be able to create bookmark lists.
  2. Configure options for this module including whether users get "Default lists".
  3. Provide a link to "My Bookmarks" (/islandora-bookmarks) for users with bookmark lists.
  4. (Optional) Place the "Islandora bookmark" block so that users can add objects from object pages.
  5. (Optional) Enable and make accessible the Solr display profile so that users can add objects from Solr result pages.
  6. (Optional) Configure export formats.

1. Permissions

Set the permissions for the Bookmark module in Administration » People » Permissions (/admin/people/permissions).

Anonymous user's lists are not saved permanently, and cannot be shared. If an anonymous user adds items to a bookmark list, and then logs in, those items will be added to a new list, or appended to their default list.

2. Module Options

Go to Administration » Islandora » Islandora Utility Modules » Bookmark (/admin/islandora/tools/islandora-bookmark) to configure the module.

3. "My Bookmarks"

The My Bookmarks page is at /islandora-bookmarks. This is where users create and manage their lists, so there should be a way to navigate to it. By default, there is a "My bookmarks" link in the Navigation menu, but not all themes make this available to all users. Consider adding a link to an exposed menu, or placing a custom block.

4. Bookmark Block

The Islandora Bookmark block provides a way to add a single object to a Bookmark list from that object's page. It needs to be configured to appear at Structure » Blocks (/admin/structure/block) in a region such as Content or First Sidebar. It automatically appears on all Islandora object pages. Once an object has been bookmarked, the block will show a link to the bookmark list(s) that contains that object.  (Note:  After you add this block to a region, you may have to clear the cache (Configuration » Performance » Clear all caches) in order to see the new block as you browse pages.)

The Bookmark Tool will not display until at least one list exists for bookmarks to be added to.

5. "Bookmark" display profile for Solr search results

To allow users to select and bookmark objects based on a Solr search:

  1. Enable the 'Bookmark' Display Profile in Administration » Islandora » Solr index » Solr Settings (/admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr/settings).
  2. Either make it the default display profile,  or place the 'Islandora Displays' block in a visible region (/admin/structure/block) to allow the user to toggle between enabled Solr display profiles. In the screenshot below, the block is in the First Sidebar and the "Bookmark" profile has been selected. 

This mode can also be reached by adding ?display=bookmark to the end of any Solr query URL.

5. Exporting bookmarks

Bookmarks can be exported from a Bookmark List's detail page at /islandora-bookmarks, or from Solr search results if enabled (see #5).

The bookmark module provides only CSV export, but other modules can provide their own export formats by implementing a hook (see islandora_bookmark.api.php). By default, the CSV has two fields (Title, PID). If you also enable the module Islandora Bookmark CSV Exports, then you can configure the fields to include in the CSV.

The Islandora Bibliography module provides the following formats:  RTF, RIS, PDF. This module uses Bibutils to format object metadata as citations, using configurable citation styles (by default only APA is available). The MODS <genre> tag is used to determine how to format the citation - see "About CSL" on the Scholar Documentation for more information.


Theme customizations

Table cells referencing the bookmarked objects in both bookmark lists and bookmark Solr results can be modified in one of the following ways:


Release Notes and Downloads


Install as usual, see this for further information.